Giuliani is right and Tony must die!

Ann Althouse has a good discussion going on over at her place on Rudy Giuliani advising Italian-Americans (I’m married to one, so I can have an opinion) getting offended by the stereotypical depictions on The Sopranos.

Rudy says, “you can’t spend your whole life looking to be insulted,” or thereabouts.

He’s right. Also, any NY/NJ Italian family will tell you that if they don’t have such characters in their own family, they KNOW of so-and-so and his uncle is exactly like Silvio, and his aunt even purses her lips like Carmella, etc.

Hey, I know people ’round Cross Bay Boulevard in Howard Beach who would be proud to claim Christopher as one of their own! :-) Oh, excuse me: “Christafah!”

Commenters at Althouse are offering up their own ideas. One smart suggestion is that the series will end at Meadow’s wedding, with Tony receiving guests, ala The Godfather, which is clever. But this is opera. In Opera, Tony Soprano must die.

Wouldn’t it be great to see an opera made of this show? Tony and his shrink and their flirtatious duets, Tony and Carmella screaming at each other? Carmella and Furio’s passionate, dolce sotto voce asides. Adriana as a faux – operatic – Miss Adelaide and Christopher and Paulie Walnuts in loud pinstripe suits? All of the men at the BadaBing singing en corps? Bada Bing! Bada Boom! Where da bad-asses loom, and da T-an’-A fly allll dayyyyyyy

By the way, all of that aside, I’d vote to put Rudy Giuliani in the White House in a heartbeat. My olive-skinned husband suspects he’ll have problems with Middle America, though. He once went on a business trip to Tennessee and was asked by a woman if he was “Eye-talian”?

This is why I think Cheney should retire and get Rudy into the veep’s office. Get America used to an Eye-talian playing in that sphere – get them comfortable.

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