Giuliani is right and Tony must die!

Ann Althouse has a good discussion going on over at her place on Rudy Giuliani advising Italian-Americans (I’m married to one, so I can have an opinion) getting offended by the stereotypical depictions on The Sopranos.

Rudy says, “you can’t spend your whole life looking to be insulted,” or thereabouts.

He’s right. Also, any NY/NJ Italian family will tell you that if they don’t have such characters in their own family, they KNOW of so-and-so and his uncle is exactly like Silvio, and his aunt even purses her lips like Carmella, etc.

Hey, I know people ’round Cross Bay Boulevard in Howard Beach who would be proud to claim Christopher as one of their own! :-) Oh, excuse me: “Christafah!”

Commenters at Althouse are offering up their own ideas. One smart suggestion is that the series will end at Meadow’s wedding, with Tony receiving guests, ala The Godfather, which is clever. But this is opera. In Opera, Tony Soprano must die.

Wouldn’t it be great to see an opera made of this show? Tony and his shrink and their flirtatious duets, Tony and Carmella screaming at each other? Carmella and Furio’s passionate, dolce sotto voce asides. Adriana as a faux – operatic – Miss Adelaide and Christopher and Paulie Walnuts in loud pinstripe suits? All of the men at the BadaBing singing en corps? Bada Bing! Bada Boom! Where da bad-asses loom, and da T-an’-A fly allll dayyyyyyy

By the way, all of that aside, I’d vote to put Rudy Giuliani in the White House in a heartbeat. My olive-skinned husband suspects he’ll have problems with Middle America, though. He once went on a business trip to Tennessee and was asked by a woman if he was “Eye-talian”?

This is why I think Cheney should retire and get Rudy into the veep’s office. Get America used to an Eye-talian playing in that sphere – get them comfortable.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Of course Rudy is right and of course you posted this as analagous!

    Italians, Irish, Jews and Greeks have all learned to laugh at themselves and even at their own steretypes.

    As we become comfortable in our skins, we are less likely to abandon the DNA that we are stuck with- and in fact, one of the best ways to do that is to be able to laugh at ourselves.

    Long gone is the day that we cringed as ‘one of own’ would shame an entire community- and darlin, we’re coming to the point of your post, I know.

    Nowadays, if one of our own messes up, we’ll take him to the woodshed ourselves. That bad individual no more represents his community than any other screw-up represents theirs.

    It is a lesson that must be learned by all.

    It also a very American lesson- one of our best.

  • gcotharn

    My two cents: all the worries about Rudy and abortion, Rudy and social policy, et al, are overblown. IMO, Rudy sweeps the southern states. He’s a man of action. He’s a man unafraid to make a hard decision. These are qualities the Red State’s respect.

    Something else: I have gently canvassed older people, whom I suspect might have some racist tendencies, about Condi. They love her. They will vote for her if she is the Repub nominee.

    I think some of the wringing of the hands over Rudy’s and Condi’s “negatives” is just mischief – or maybe opinion spouters just trying to look smart. I make no claims to have special expertise. But that’s what I think.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    this is opera. In Opera, Tony Soprano must die.

    I’ve always thought of it as a morality play — the bouts of anxiety/depression of this violent and seemingly evil man being caused by his inner goodness feeling the overwhelming guilt from his actions. Even Dr. Melfi is beginning to lose her morally neutral approach to therapy.
    Because it is a morality play, the way it must end is with Tony contritely admitting his sins and voluntarily accepting his penance. That may or may not require prison, and he may or may not be willing to accept that. Morality plays often are tragedies as well. So maybe Tony will not be willing to accept it and, tragically, it will end in his death after all.

  • Donna

    I once dated one of dem East Coast Eye-talians from South Philly. He taught this Midwestern Slav how to cook perfect spaghetti (he thought calling it “pasta” was too hoity-toity and Northern Italian.) You fish out a strand from the pot and throw it at the wall – if it clings instead of sliding off it’s done.
    I don’t have cable and have never watched “the Sopranos” – but I wanted to pass my tip along. The relationship didn’t work out, but my spaghetti always does!

  • mrmurph

    Why should Giuliani be President?

    He didn’t have the stones to gamble his 9/11 credibility by removing the evil Hillary from our Presidential nightmares.

    He is an egotistical, amoral, former mayor, who does not agree with the Republican base on most issues.

    We have nothing better to offer?

  • TheAnchoress

    He was too SMART to waste his 9/11 credibility on going for legistlators seat when he is no legislator. The man is a top dog.

    And I’m sorry, but no, we have no one better to run against her. Allen has the charisma of a log. Frist is doa. Mitt Romney will never be elected because, frankly, too many people are suspicious of mormons.

    Rudy/Rice is the ticket to go for. A powerful 1-2 punch, and I don’t know why his social positions so worry “the base…” If the president screws up the WOT and the security issues (which Rudy will not) all of those social issues suddenly become meaningless.

    And you’ll forgive me, friend, if I don’t make moral judgements on the condition of his soul. I try not to do that to anyone. But his moral fibre was strong enough to tell Yassir Arafat that he wasn’t welcome in his town when he was mayor…and it was strong enough to tell a Saud Prince to stick his post 9/11 ten million dollars where the sun didn’t shine.
    That counts for something in this age.;-)

  • Jean

    I have to admit that I’m one of those Italian-Americans who doesn’t like the stereotypes in The Sopranos. I watched it a few times, but it rubbed me so wrong. I don’t care if people know people who are that way; I grew up in a town where I was one of just a few Eye-talians and had to put up with people thinking my father (a public investigator) was “on the make” because that’s the way Italians are. I suppose it didn’t help that Catholics were a real minority, too, and I got pushed into mudpuddles by the crossing-guards when they figured out I was going to Catholic school. (Because those God-fearing Christians knew that we Papists worship Mary and are members of the Pope’s army.) :)

  • mrmurph


    How much moral courage does it take to publicly stick it to Yassar Arafat and a Saudi prince in New York City?

    BTW, I will let Rudy worry about his immortal soul, and I will concentrate on my own.

    I will, however, take into consideration a candidate’s public behavior when deciding who should be my President. If Clinton taught us nothing else, he taught us that character counts.

  • newton

    Did Bill Clinton had any character to begin with? I didn’t think so…

    Rudy, however, has proven to have a… ahem… set of steel.

    I don’t give a rat about his private life. He’s a New Yorker. New Yorkers don’t give a rat about anyone’s private life. And neither do I.

    Go Rudy! :)

  • newton

    Oh, that’s right…

    “I woke up this morning/
    with a blue moon in my head…” :)

  • TheAnchoress

    MrMurph – You’re right, character does count. Electability does, too. George Allen is, imho, less electable to the WH than Bob Dole. Ditto Frist.

    I think it took a great deal of character for Rudy to tell Arafat YEARS BEFORE 9/11 that he was unwelcome in NYC. Rudy caught enormous flack for that and was called (as usual) a Nazi and a Hitler. I think it took enormous character for him to basically keep the country together for 48 hours…to go to almost every firefighter funeral, even to walk the daughter of one firefighter down the ailse between funerals.

    He had a bad marriage? So did Reagan. He’s happily married now, to a woman who will be a swell first lady. He’s too friendly to gays? Funny, some people say the same thing about W. :-)

  • mrmurph


    OK, we can agree to disagree.

    But don’t expect to get a Roberts/Alito on the Supreme Court from the Rudy/Condi administration. They will leave us one vote short on most of our major issues.

    BTW, how come you are the one talking about adultery and gays? All I said is that he is egotistical and a person without moral quality, but I personally leave his immortal soul up to him.

    Being a New York City native, I’ve watched Rudy closely for many years, long before 9/11. He may not be as amoral as a Clinton or a Kennedy, but I believe the description fits.

    How about a Romney/Allen ticket with Condi setting herself up for 2016 with a run for a major office in California?

  • TheAnchoress

    Mr. Murph – I brought up the gays because whenever I talk Giuliani to some folks they immediately start carrying on that he’s too friendly and too comfortable with the gays – which drives me mad! :-)

    I’ll be addressing your question in a whole new post, soon.

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