Beware the Ides, er, the 20th, of March, man…

Today’s funnest story is this one, about the coup that rescheduled.

The original “Storm the Whitehouse” announcement seems to have disappeared from the originator’s website, so you can re-read it at Michelle’s place. And at Confederate Yankee’s.

Attention everyone…we’re rescheduling the storming part…. Tonight we’ll just have a cozy candlelight walk to the White House.

So…you know…everyone put it in your palm pilots and like, message your friends on your Blackberries and just…like basically show up next time, alrighty? This week would have been better, really, because of like, Spring Break and all, but you know…next week, you’re all rested and tan, you’re back at school, and so no excuses… just – you know – come storm the White House okay, man? Groovy. Peace! Make love, not war. Yeah, man, Stop the genocide and terror.

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