Suspicious activity at Sears Tower?

The story is here

“…three suspicious looking men in a rental car pulled up to the building recently, got out and began studying the building. According to law enforcement sources, they took pictures before building security ran them off, but they never got their identification. Those sources tell ABC7 the car was rented to a fake name.

The entire incident was captured on building security video, which was turned over to members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.”

Might be nothing, of course. But then again…there’s this and this to think about.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Whether or not this incident proves to be worthy of attention is one thing.

    After reading the story, all that came to mind was ‘Keystone Cops.’


  • http://none Darrell

    “Keystone Private Security”…

    Blame the lawyers once again, and looming lawsuits. This was a big factor in 9/11 too, although no one but me seems to think so. The airlines won’t tell you that their employees were under orders NOT to interfere with hijackers, et al, instead letting law enforcement deal with it at a later time. That way all(or more of) the liability for anything going wrong would be transferred to the deeper pockets of government. Juries were awarding 4-10- time higher judgments if an agent(employee) of a firm had taken action during incidents with criminals. It wasn’t just the airlines- banks and even convenience stores were doing the same thing. I had been keeping track of this new “zero tolerance” policy which involved the immediate termination of any employee that took action(even if it saved the lives of customers) since the late 1990s.

  • http://none Darrell

    Apparently “The Keystone Media”…
    All clear. The FBI held a rare press conference on this matter and says most of the reported “facts” were wrong. No photos were taken and the car was rented under a real name. The Chicago Tribune has that story.