Economy “slips” into a “sweet spot?”

How do you like that. It was an accident. The economy has slipped into a sweet spot.

If you say it like that, you don’t have to give anyone credit, do you?

Another beaut from our unbiased media.

The economy has slipped into a sweet spot of steady growth and low inflation, a seemingly perfect soft landing after a long housing boom, energy price shocks and devastating natural disasters.

Economic growth looks set for a strong rebound in the first quarter after a very weak fourth quarter, with business spending the driver of growth, as consumer spending growth slows, and the housing market cools.

Job growth has also been solid, with unemployment near a 4-1/2 year low at 4.8 percent, but pay raises are still too small to have ignited real worries about wage inflation.

“If you take a snapshot of the economy right now, you could certainly say that we’re in a sweet spot,” said Bernard Baumohl, executive director of The Economic Outlook Group in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

“The economy is growing nicely, we don’t have any major inflation problems, the Federal Reserve is moving only gradually to raise interest rates. Everything seems to be working well,” he said.

If you’re waiting for the “but” which follows any good news which is allowed to be printed – it’s the very next word.

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