Lend a hand, say a prayer, shed a tear…

Call this the “Touch-yer-heart Roundup”

First the Lend a Hand:
Julie at Happy Catholic and The Holy Fool (who I need to blogroll) are linking for the sake of Ron Rolling, who is facing a situation none of us would want. They’ve convinced him to install a paypal button and pass the plate to stave off the action. If you’ve a bit to spare and feel nudged to help out, please follow the instinct. Remember, God is never outdone in generosity!

Then the Say a Prayer:
For wisdom, for more wisdom, and for fairness, for progress through dialogue, for freedom, for an opportunity to find room for faith. For more Democrat Security Plans like this one! :-)

Then the Wipe a Tear:
Because The American Soldier, naysayers and caricaturists aside, is the most generous and compassionate warrior on the face of the earth.

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