Jon Stewart’s first broadcast post 9/11

Very affecting and eye-opening about where we were and where we have come.

I know there’s a ton of material out there today – you can’t keep up. But watch this. Listen to Stewart talk about the privilege of being at liberty to “sit in the back and throw spitballs…” Listen to him talk about why “I grieve, but I don’t despair…” as he struggles with his emotions. This is memorable and moving.

And when he says, “the terrorists thrive on chaos, and chaos cannot sustain itself…” I thought…hey, America, heed that, and look at the state of our political parties and our political interactions with each other.

I am hoping – I am praying – that somehow this looking-back we’re doing will help put the country back into a sane place, again.

H/T Pajamas Media and their remarkable flowing roundup for the day.

UPDATE: Julie at Happy Catholic links to the best and most moving tribute video I’ve ever seen. You’ll want to see it – the audio goes on past the video to some memorable speech excerpts you’ll want to hear, particularly Dan Rather talking about Ramzi Yusef. Go read Julie’s post, here, too. It is heartfelt and inspired:

For some reason, the image that sticks with me from driving down there and back, aside from all the American flags, was the beat up pickup truck with the gun rack and Confederate flag stickers that had “We are all New Yorkers today” written on their windows. For a Texan to write that … well, at that moment we realized that the terrorists had no idea what they had done.

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  • HNAV

    it is an amazing memory…

    thank you…

    yet, today, his focus is mostly demeaning, undermining, debasing, a Republican President.

    how sad…

    my most heartfelt wishes to all on this sad Anniversary today…

  • TimPoet

    Wow, that was great. I have a newfound respectfor Jon Stewart, what an authentic human being.

  • March Hare

    Kind of nice to see Jon Stewart reacting as a real human being and speaking from the heart.

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