Substance over Nothing and more

Jonah Goldberg has an insightful piece up at NRO that compares and contrasts Republicans and Democrats:

First, look at the Democrats. Listen to the discussion about their strategies. Hillary needs to win more blacks and men. Obama must capture more Hispanics and peel away more white women. Both need to fight for “the youth.”

Now look at the Republicans and how we talk about them. Can McCain win over conservatives? Should he apologize for his support of amnesty or his opposition to tax cuts? Can Romney convince pro-lifers? Will Huckabee ever make inroads with economic conservatives? Were Rudy’s positions on gays, guns, and abortion too liberal?

See what I’m getting at? If substance were water, the Democratic campaign would be a desert.

Bookworm has another example from the desert.

Speaking of Substance, What Hath Bush Wrought?

The denizens of the Middle East, however, will remember Bush as the most momentous American leader since an angry Thomas Jefferson sent men-of-war in pursuit of the Barbary pirates. His successor will not be able to walk away from what he has wrought. Let us consider the issues one by one–leaving aside for another day Iran and the menace of a Persian bomb.

Indeed. Substantial substance.

Can Hillary actually
muscle Obama into standing down, or offering him the veep spot to give her the nomination? The UK press reports.

The Clinton camp hopes to stop the Obama bandwagon by winning Texas and Ohio primaries on March 4, after which Mrs Clinton is planning to call on party grandees including Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Harry Reid, the party’s leader in the Senate, to persuade Mr Obama to stand down.

Clinton aides have privately admitted that Mr Obama would only consider such a move if offered the position of vice presidential running mate, something Mrs Clinton has always been reluctant to consider.

It ain’t over til it’s over.

Larry Elder: A few questions in search of a debate.

Okay, I still don’t like “pimp” talking about anyone’s daughter, but Doug has another perspective and some very interesting links to stuff I’ve never seen before.

AJ Strata has an interesting theory about November

Stop the ACLU has ACLU rankings of all the remaining presidential candidates. John McCain is the lowest. Can you guess the highest?

This piece by Robert McFarlane has a great quote from Ronald Reagan in it.

Global Warming Hoo-ha is coming undone by degrees

It doesn’t seem fair that the USMC should have to fight the Americans they protect…So, let’s put them into Congress, instead!

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