A Chilling Trailer

Leticia at Catholic Media Review links us to this trailer of Ben Stein’s soon-to-be-released documentary, Expelled.

One tends to think his warning to scientists and others about the career risks involved in watching the thing may sound like hype and boilerplate, but we’ve already seen how those scientists who disagree with Al Gore about “man-made” global warming are being silenced and discredited, so who knows?

We hear often that religion represses science – note the lie that Christians oppose stem fund research (we never have; we’ve only opposed the destruction of embryos for the purpose) – but we rarely hear about how the devotees of political correctness will work to undermine, discredit or silence those who dare to question the status quo. I’m looking forward to seeing this film.

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  • johnclubvec

    There is another point of view about ‘silencing’ “those who dare to question the status quo.” In sum, what if one side is a loose conglomeration of the innocently unschooled — and those who seem to be, willfully and with knowledge, making dishonest claims? Those of your readers not locked into the ‘silencing’ perspective might perhaps begin with this excellent post from this excellent blog done by a Reformed Christian who is also a working scientist.

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  • TheAnchoress

    Thanks for the link; good article, but we’re not talking about innocent dupes under the control of the intellectually dishonest. We’re talking, here, about scientists – people educated and trained in reason – making a query. The world should be open to queries and wonderings. My concern is not whether proponents of Darwinism or those of ID “win.” My concern is always about being allowed to question, and that goes for both sides. When meteorologists are being told to conform to an unproved and unprovable theory or lose their jobs, when a former Veep is telling the press not to report on dissenting opinion, then I get concerned. Likewise, if Christians are burning books and insisting on teaching only their beliefs, I get concerned. Stein’s movie is about scientists who explore the idea of ID and who become ostracized for daring to do so. In my book, cause for concern. I suspect that writer would agree.

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