Freedom Never Cries

Found via Ace, who got it off John Miller at the Corner, Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik gives us a chance to decide what kind of world we want and he gives us this video to help us decide. It’s very moving. Apparently the old man in the pawn shop is a medal of honor winner – one of our our everlasting heroes

You’ll want to go watch it, and while you do, remember that – media narratives aside – Iran is at work against Democracy in the Middle East, and oh yeah, it seems Saddam did have ties to terrorism, including friendship with Al Qaeda. You can read the Pentagon report here.

Do read Ed Morrissey, who was reporting on the collected Iraqi documents when everyone else was choosing to ignore them, and read Eli Lake at the New York Sun, who seems to actually have read the report.

Gateway Pundit reminds us wher Saddam was at 10 years ago, if we’ve forgotten, and where America was, too.

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