The Silence of the Rodham, the Unfree Press

Some of my friends and I are wondering at the utter silence of Hillary Clinton since Gov. Palin’s introduction last Friday. Aside from her generic “we should all be proud” statement, Mrs. Clinton has been pretty mum, and my friends and I have been wondering about it, in a “so much for sisterhood” sort of way.

You’d think Hillary – a “lifelong advocate for women and children” – would be stepping up, mildly, even, to ask her Angry Left friends to at least pretend – give a little lip service – to the long-standing idea that women and their choices, and their children were sort of, you know…to be respected, a little? Where is Hillary? We don’t know.

BUT…the National Enquirer, which if I remember rightly is published by a FOB/FOH, is going to try to pimp Troopergate into “the scandal that will rock America”. I’m thinking Hillary is quite aware that no less a leftie smarty than Camille Paglia heard Gov. Palin speak last Friday and then enthused:

“We may be seeing the first woman president. As a Democrat, I am reeling…That was the best political speech I have ever seen delivered by an American woman politician. Palin is as tough as nails.” [emphasis mine - admin]

Kinda can’t help thinking that Mrs. Clinton does not want to have to deal with Gov. Palin in 2012, especially if she is Vice-President Palin.

And I’m sure Hillary does not want the “first female president” mantle on any shoulders but her own. So, Gov. Sarah Palin must be destroyed, by whatever means necessary.

Speaking of the press, one of my readers, noting that several major networks did not bother broadcasting Fred Thompson’s really excellent convention speech on Tuesday, sent this to me:

“…Liberty lives only when the press is free and unencumbered – when it is detached from events instead of entwined in them…”

The emailer said liberty can also only live when the free press is open instead of closed, and committed to presenting, not to editing and hiding. I agree. As to the quote, I thought it sounded familiar; turns out I wrote it.

The Editors at NRO, not writing specifically about Clinton, nevertheless say:

This shameful but predictable media performance stands in marked contrast to the rigorous “hands-off” privacy policy dutifully honored by the press throughout the Clinton years for the president’s then-teenage daughter, Chelsea. Indeed earlier this year, though Miss Clinton was now well into her twenties and an impressively poised surrogate for her mother’s campaign, NBC News suspended reporter David Shuster for asserting that Sen. Clinton’s campaign was “pimping” her daughter — a classless formulation, to be sure. But where’s the hyper-sensitivity about a candidate’s child now?

When Al Gore’s son was arrested on narcotics and speeding charges in 2007, moreover, the national press was a model of sympathetic restraint. The muted coverage was devoid of calls for a national “teaching moment” on drug abuse or responsible driving. The message was plain and correct: No news here, move along.

One also recalls that during Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, the press was told to stay away from Chelsea and not to burden her with requests for interviews, and the press complied. Chelsea, poised and quite lovely and capable-seeming, is still given the sort of kid-glove treatment reserved for royals, while Gov. Palin’s pregnant 17 year old daughter is to be hounded and held up to national ridicule and scorn.

And for what? For politics.

It is shameful, shameful stuff. Are they thinking at all of the fact that she is pregnant and they’re putting absurd pressure on her, because they must…because her mother must be made to go home?

I keep wondering what Tim Russert would say if he were alive. Or Tony Snow. Or Mike Kelly. I can’t think any of those men would be looking kindly on what the press has been doing, in these 144 hours of the Palin family’s national exposure. I can’t help wondering why Russert’s colleagues, so desolate at his death, do not try to honor his memory and his professionalism by doing better, fairer, calmer, work – with a touch of humanity left to it.

It’s so tiring, you almost don’t want to bother saying it. But we have to keep pointing it out, this mad descent of the press, and not grow weary or complacent. The only way to keep the press honest is to keep it accountable; that is our responsibility – yours and mine – a free press is an unencumbered, detached, open and honest press. And we must have it; we must insist that our press be free – unaligned with any cause or movement – because a free press is the hardy spine of liberty.

Our hardy spine, burdened by the demands of corporate interests, excessive attachment to distinct agendas and heavy competition from all sorts of media, is bending and crooking. It is not, at present, healthy, straight and strong. There is cause for concern.

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  • Victoria

    Sigh. Anchoress, you seem to be in the middle of the same kind of depression-thrall I am in, about this matter.

    I am beginning to question just how much Democrats vary in reality, from the “Common Man” champions they are said to be in theory.

    I am physically and morally fatigued by this attitude, and honestly, I’m almost looking forward to a jolt of Sarah Palin tomorrow to reinvigorate me, because I am as low today as I last Thursday.

    To show you the level of sexism and elitism at play in this campaign, I’ll link to my blogpost highlighting a mock-up of “Foreign Affairs” magazine by a blogger-editor, originally from Indiana.

    Don’t be startled by my tone in the piece.

    I decided to fight fire with fire, and bring him and all his kind down to earth since apparently, they believe they are SOOOOOO much better than Sarah Palin, despite what many elitists back in my homeland (the UK) would consider to be laughable in comparison to theirs.

    IOW, I wonder just who the hell do they think they are, ripping on Governor Palin, when she comes from a similar background as they do (but she behaves with a grace and dignity far eclipsing any of them)?

    When Does It Start Being Sexist And Elitist

    Hang in there, Anchoress. We, all of us, will get through this together. And thank you for your kind linkage the other day, about the Gulfstream jet Governor Palin arrived in, which I found online.


  • Victoria

    I’m watching Fox And Friends at this hour of the morning, and apparently, the latest knock on Sarah Palin coming out is that “she’s difficult to work with”.

    Gretchen Carlson leapt to her defence, instantly (as I would’ve), saying:

    “Of course! That’s what they always say about a woman!”

    And now, they’re revealing that the NYT have sent a slew of reporters to Alaska, to dig out dirt on her. Doocy and Kilmeade said at the same time, “how many reporters were sent out to Delaware??!”.


    It’s awful. And where are the feminists? Not a peep? Now, isn’t that too bad.

    (I swear, I feel like having a shiatsu massage, I’m so tense looking at this)


  • Jayhawk

    I hope the definition of “free press” includes the internet. Quit subscribing to the dead tree variety years ago. Never will watch CBS Evening News again after last night. Everthing was tilted and mostly predictable. From now on it’s Drudge and all the fine sites in my Favorites.

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  • tim maguire

    This is simply an example of a mainstream press in its death throes, lashing out like an al queda car bomber five months into the surge. It is not merely an example of why we look forward to its demise, it is an example of that demise.

    This is the first election where blogs are more important than the major media. It will not be the last.

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    As bad as all of this is, even if the official Obama camp is taking a little bit of joy at this, I would think that upon further reflection, they know that this cannot be good for them — that it hurts them as much as it might potentially hurt Sarah Palin.

    In a matter of a few days, Sarah Palin has totally destroyed the Obama mantra of “change.” Not only personally, where the elitist Obama and Biden are confronted by everyday Middle America Sarah Palin; not only policy-wise, where they promote a return to past policies as opposed to Palin’s call for real new initiatives; but now in the area of political conduct, where instead of a changed new day of niceness in politics, we once again get the savaging of a political opponent and her family.

    Any argument for “change” from the Dems is totally blown out of the water by all of these vicious attacks. The Obama camp has got to see that this has gone WAY overboard. A little bit of attack pursued over time would be effective, but this is simply sociopathic, and they have to see that.

    Nevertheless, expect it to continue. Expect some previously unknown memo from the Alaska National Guard to suddenly appear to be used as proof of some malfeasance by Palin.

    But if Sarah Palin remains true, if she stands firm, resolute, and tall, then this whole nastiness will bear much fruit. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. By standing firm in the face of persecution, Sarah Palin will rally any number of women, young and old, and not a few men, to be personally willing to stand firm and do what is right even in the face of fierce opposition. And, as a result, eventually, the evil empire of the left will crumble.

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  • cathyf

    You know, a sneaky little suspicion has insinuated itself into my mind when comparing coverage of John Edwards (remember, he was running for president) and Bristol Palin (remember, she is related to a person running for vice-president).

    So the question is this: does anybody else wonder if The National Enquirer quashed their investigations of John Edwards until after he lost the primaries? They knew almost a year ago that Reille Hunter was pregnant and claiming Edwards the father — did they sit on the story until after Edwards had lost his usefulness in taking votes away from Obama?

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  • benning

    Nothing surprises me much anymore. Hillary’s silence, the MSM attacks on a 17-year old girl and her little brother … not surprising. But very sad.

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