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I feel like I am drowning in news, there is so much of it. I had not planned to, but I am going to – in the face of all of this news – continue the Insta-pundity format I used yesterday, which helps make things more readable, I think. What do you think? Please let a comment and tell me if you hate it or like it.

Oh, what did “I” think of the speech? I thought she was actually “better” (not by much) on Friday – a little more relaxed. But after the six day baptism of nukes that she’d endured, I thought her composure was remarkable, and all -in-all one of the best political speeches of the last 10 years. She is not “Obama-good” at speechifying. She’s “Bill-Clinton-good”. No wonder the left is nuts. My initial roundup (with Piper video) is here.

And a word of caution to Republicans from your friendly Anchoress: be mindful of how you receive a good. I’ve had several puckerfaced, “she should be at the top of the ticket, why are we stuck with McCain” whiners writing to me. Hello: McCain chose her. That tells you something about him, and his instincts. Some of you barely knew who she was a week ago. Credit McCain for the introduction, and be GRATEFUL instead of whining. How you receive a good has a lot to do with whether more good comes your way.
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Will be starting up a new running thread – with a BRAND NEW McCain Palin Button from friend Shana, in a few minutes. Love the buttons!

Btw, Shana is the one who designs and creates the really gorgeous rosary bracelets you see in the ad at the right. They are comfortable and I think the Turquoise one and the Fancy Agate are especially beautiful. My faves, anyway!

Federalist Paupers on the Ordinariness of Sarah Palin: He compares quotes from Sam Harris to G. K. Chesterton, on how Americans keep electing non-elites. Harris, of course, thinks this is a bad thing. Chesterton does not.

Democracy is not philanthropy; it is not even altruism or social reform. Democracy is not founded on pity for the common man; democracy is founded on reverence for the common man, or, if you will, even on fear of him. It does not champion man because man is so miserable, but because man is so sublime. It does not object so much to the ordinary man being a slave as to his not being a king, for its dream is always the dream of the first Roman republic, a nation of kings. – Chesteron, Heretics

It’s well done, you’ll like. 2:50 PM

Irresistible Music Video of the Day: Yeah, it’s funny in terms of Palin, but it’s also a really great video without the reference Via. (Had to take it down, it was mussin’ my page) 2:44 PM

Hanson: If the post-Speech reaction of the talking heads at CNN, PBS and MSBNC, or the op-ed ravings of Gloria Steinem, Maureen Dowd, Eleanor Clift or Sally Quinn are any indication, the Secret Service better enlist the Alaskan National Guard for help ensuring the Alaskan Governor’s safety. For real. 2:34 PM

Some funny linin’: Lucianne: Pitch perfect Palin, who knows the power of the pause, puts pundits in a pickle. 2:32 PM

Pajamas Media has some good features up, including Rick Moran giving it to you from the convention floor. 2:30 PM

“Obama has met his rhetorical equal” says Shrinkwrapped with a thoughtful post. I say she’s strong than Obama, who is very good. She’s Bill-Clinton-good. 2:22 PM

I thought that’s what I saw: My husband and I were wondering if someone was trying to charge the stage last night. Turns out, yes, someone did; one of Obama’s top bundler and a Code-Pink clown. That’s about the time Palin stopped and told us about the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. 2:14 PM

Baby, She Was Born to Run… 2:11 PM

Appreciation from the UK: Brits at their Best have Gov. Palin’s Proclamation on Jury Rights Day 2:10 PM

Confederate Yankee notes another Obama pal in jail. I think that happens in every party, though, right? 2:09 PM

Most Appallingly Stupid, Pathetic, Desperate & Mean-Spirited Dem Spam:

“Where is Child Protective Services! How Dare They Keep That Down Syndrome Baby Out ‘Til All Hours! How Dare They Let That Little Girl Hold That Down Syndrome Baby; She Might Drop Him! How Dare That Little Girl Lick Her Hands And Push Down The Hair Of That Down Syndrome Baby! It’s Unsanitary! What Sort Of Mother Allows That? What Kind Of Mother Has A Teenage Daughter Who Gets Pregnant And Does Not Have Her Abort It So No One Knows About It? Shame! SSSSShhaaaaaaame!

Yes. Shame. Shame on you. SHAME on you, you puritanical hypocrites. Or no. Maybe not shame on you. Maybe…how sad that you have no idea how real families operate. And by the way, how TERRIFIED are you of “That Down Syndrome Baby” that none of you seem capable of just calling him by his name, Trig. You know…like you would any other HUMAN BEING? Don’t be afraid of Trig. He’s an angel. 1:52 PM

Katie Couric, Professional Journalist: “Sarah Palin, the governor of Arkansas…” — Katie Couric, on CBS. Which came in fifth in the ratings for Tuesday.

FNC: 6,179,000
NBC: 4,468,000
CNN: 3,220,000
ABC: 3,098,000
CBS: 2,928,000
MSNBC: 1,590,000

Looking at these numbers, I keep wondering – why do we pay so much attention to Keith Olbermann? – 1:47 PM

As Palin, her motherhood and her kids were being raked over the coals yesterday, I asked, “where is Hillary? Why isn’t she saying anything. Well, we know why she’s not saying anything, but she’s allowing her aides to come out and call the sexists, sexists. Good for her. And Estrich decries the press attacks 12:19 AM

Waiting for my husband to take me to lunch (a treat!) I am listening to Rush. He’s saying Palin’s prompter was not working right, that it was not pausing for applause, so Palin was working from memory. Don’t know if that’s true, yet (it seems an open question) – but I can see where it might be. Look at what I wrote last night, that Rudy’s timing seemed off…I wondered if it was a teleprompter problem. Seems it might have been. Teleprompter problems, open mics; the GOP sure does have problems with gadgets. Or, the people running them do. 12:14 AM

Sally Quinn: Unhinged. Totally. 12:12 AM

Roger Kimball: From BDS to PDS, no, Sarah is a girl. She can’t give them PDS. She gives them PMS: Palin Madness Syndrome. In fact, that is what I think we should start calling the press: The PMS Media! 11:42 AM

Biden: As I wrote last night:

…the Obama camp must be worried, so they’re doing what Democrats always do when they’re worried, they’re going after George W. Bush (Hypothetically)

Patterico: Just keep scrolling 11:41 AM

Gloria Steinem: Flipping out. “She’s no Hillary!” Heh. You’re right, Gloria. You’re right. Harry Reid aside, she’s not “shrill”, either. The Dems keep revealing themselves to be we-didn’t-mean all- we-said about -woman party. I wonder if they mean what they say about anything, then. 11:40 AM

Jennifer Rubin:
There is no way the MSM can explain themselves or destroy her now. This was a remarkable moment of political theater. And the MSM credibility evaporated somewhere between the Ebay joke and the discussion of the pipeline in the Caucasus. [emphasis mine – admin] Spot on. Linda Chavez has more.11:28 AM

Taylor Marsh is taking the general line I’m seeing from the Thinking Left (as opposed to the Mad Left), and she says well done but would have been better without the snark. I don’t know if I accept that only because this was a VEEP speech, and veeps are supposed to be the attack dogs. Biden was. Kerry – who wasn’t even running for veep at the DNC, was. I don’t think it is a smart thing to act like poor Obama can’t take a joke, and gets his wee feelings hurt. Next we’ll hear that it is unseemly for a woman to attack. I guess “strong women” are the next terrible thing that conservatives whelp upon the world.11:27 AM

Claudia Rosett: Outta there! So many people writing “out of the ballpark” I feel like I should post the climax from “The Natural.”

Pursuing Holiness notes the way the press has treated Bristol Palin and Mary Cheney. 11:23 AM

Bookworm: Has her reactions notes her Obama-loving hubby’s response. 11:21 AM

Chris Muir: Hearts Sarah. Funnily enough, I was singing that song to myself after the speech, too. 11:20 AM

Dick Meyer: Wants to criticize the press’ outsized attacks, can’t quite do it, ends up with an approximation of Humphrey Bogart, saying Vice Presidential Candidates Don’t Mean A Hill O’ Beans In This Crazy World… 11:09 AM

Btw, Dick Meyer is interviewed by Siggy, Shrinkwrapped and Dr. Sanity here, and discusses Why We Hate Us, which you should buy. Widgets

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