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I feel like I am drowning in news, there is so much of it. I had not planned to, but I am going to – in the face of all of this news – continue the Insta-pundity format I used yesterday, which helps make things more readable, I think. What do you think? Please let a comment and tell me if you hate it or like it.

Oh, what did “I” think of the speech? I thought she was actually “better” (not by much) on Friday – a little more relaxed. But after the six day baptism of nukes that she’d endured, I thought her composure was remarkable, and all -in-all one of the best political speeches of the last 10 years. She is not “Obama-good” at speechifying. She’s “Bill-Clinton-good”. No wonder the left is nuts. My initial roundup (with Piper video) is here.

And a word of caution to Republicans from your friendly Anchoress: be mindful of how you receive a good. I’ve had several puckerfaced, “she should be at the top of the ticket, why are we stuck with McCain” whiners writing to me. Hello: McCain chose her. That tells you something about him, and his instincts. Some of you barely knew who she was a week ago. Credit McCain for the introduction, and be GRATEFUL instead of whining. How you receive a good has a lot to do with whether more good comes your way.
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Will be starting up a new running thread – with a BRAND NEW McCain Palin Button from friend Shana, in a few minutes. Love the buttons!

Btw, Shana is the one who designs and creates the really gorgeous rosary bracelets you see in the ad at the right. They are comfortable and I think the Turquoise one and the Fancy Agate are especially beautiful. My faves, anyway!

Federalist Paupers on the Ordinariness of Sarah Palin: He compares quotes from Sam Harris to G. K. Chesterton, on how Americans keep electing non-elites. Harris, of course, thinks this is a bad thing. Chesterton does not.

Democracy is not philanthropy; it is not even altruism or social reform. Democracy is not founded on pity for the common man; democracy is founded on reverence for the common man, or, if you will, even on fear of him. It does not champion man because man is so miserable, but because man is so sublime. It does not object so much to the ordinary man being a slave as to his not being a king, for its dream is always the dream of the first Roman republic, a nation of kings. – Chesteron, Heretics

It’s well done, you’ll like. 2:50 PM

Irresistible Music Video of the Day: Yeah, it’s funny in terms of Palin, but it’s also a really great video without the reference Via. (Had to take it down, it was mussin’ my page) 2:44 PM

Hanson: If the post-Speech reaction of the talking heads at CNN, PBS and MSBNC, or the op-ed ravings of Gloria Steinem, Maureen Dowd, Eleanor Clift or Sally Quinn are any indication, the Secret Service better enlist the Alaskan National Guard for help ensuring the Alaskan Governor’s safety. For real. 2:34 PM

Some funny linin’: Lucianne: Pitch perfect Palin, who knows the power of the pause, puts pundits in a pickle. 2:32 PM

Pajamas Media has some good features up, including Rick Moran giving it to you from the convention floor. 2:30 PM

“Obama has met his rhetorical equal” says Shrinkwrapped with a thoughtful post. I say she’s strong than Obama, who is very good. She’s Bill-Clinton-good. 2:22 PM

I thought that’s what I saw: My husband and I were wondering if someone was trying to charge the stage last night. Turns out, yes, someone did; one of Obama’s top bundler and a Code-Pink clown. That’s about the time Palin stopped and told us about the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. 2:14 PM

Baby, She Was Born to Run… 2:11 PM

Appreciation from the UK: Brits at their Best have Gov. Palin’s Proclamation on Jury Rights Day 2:10 PM

Confederate Yankee notes another Obama pal in jail. I think that happens in every party, though, right? 2:09 PM

Most Appallingly Stupid, Pathetic, Desperate & Mean-Spirited Dem Spam:

“Where is Child Protective Services! How Dare They Keep That Down Syndrome Baby Out ‘Til All Hours! How Dare They Let That Little Girl Hold That Down Syndrome Baby; She Might Drop Him! How Dare That Little Girl Lick Her Hands And Push Down The Hair Of That Down Syndrome Baby! It’s Unsanitary! What Sort Of Mother Allows That? What Kind Of Mother Has A Teenage Daughter Who Gets Pregnant And Does Not Have Her Abort It So No One Knows About It? Shame! SSSSShhaaaaaaame!

Yes. Shame. Shame on you. SHAME on you, you puritanical hypocrites. Or no. Maybe not shame on you. Maybe…how sad that you have no idea how real families operate. And by the way, how TERRIFIED are you of “That Down Syndrome Baby” that none of you seem capable of just calling him by his name, Trig. You know…like you would any other HUMAN BEING? Don’t be afraid of Trig. He’s an angel. 1:52 PM

Katie Couric, Professional Journalist: “Sarah Palin, the governor of Arkansas…” — Katie Couric, on CBS. Which came in fifth in the ratings for Tuesday.

FNC: 6,179,000
NBC: 4,468,000
CNN: 3,220,000
ABC: 3,098,000
CBS: 2,928,000
MSNBC: 1,590,000

Looking at these numbers, I keep wondering – why do we pay so much attention to Keith Olbermann? – 1:47 PM

As Palin, her motherhood and her kids were being raked over the coals yesterday, I asked, “where is Hillary? Why isn’t she saying anything. Well, we know why she’s not saying anything, but she’s allowing her aides to come out and call the sexists, sexists. Good for her. And Estrich decries the press attacks 12:19 AM

Waiting for my husband to take me to lunch (a treat!) I am listening to Rush. He’s saying Palin’s prompter was not working right, that it was not pausing for applause, so Palin was working from memory. Don’t know if that’s true, yet (it seems an open question) – but I can see where it might be. Look at what I wrote last night, that Rudy’s timing seemed off…I wondered if it was a teleprompter problem. Seems it might have been. Teleprompter problems, open mics; the GOP sure does have problems with gadgets. Or, the people running them do. 12:14 AM

Sally Quinn: Unhinged. Totally. 12:12 AM

Roger Kimball: From BDS to PDS, no, Sarah is a girl. She can’t give them PDS. She gives them PMS: Palin Madness Syndrome. In fact, that is what I think we should start calling the press: The PMS Media! 11:42 AM

Biden: As I wrote last night:

…the Obama camp must be worried, so they’re doing what Democrats always do when they’re worried, they’re going after George W. Bush (Hypothetically)

Patterico: Just keep scrolling 11:41 AM

Gloria Steinem: Flipping out. “She’s no Hillary!” Heh. You’re right, Gloria. You’re right. Harry Reid aside, she’s not “shrill”, either. The Dems keep revealing themselves to be we-didn’t-mean all- we-said about -woman party. I wonder if they mean what they say about anything, then. 11:40 AM

Jennifer Rubin:
There is no way the MSM can explain themselves or destroy her now. This was a remarkable moment of political theater. And the MSM credibility evaporated somewhere between the Ebay joke and the discussion of the pipeline in the Caucasus. [emphasis mine - admin] Spot on. Linda Chavez has more.11:28 AM

Taylor Marsh is taking the general line I’m seeing from the Thinking Left (as opposed to the Mad Left), and she says well done but would have been better without the snark. I don’t know if I accept that only because this was a VEEP speech, and veeps are supposed to be the attack dogs. Biden was. Kerry – who wasn’t even running for veep at the DNC, was. I don’t think it is a smart thing to act like poor Obama can’t take a joke, and gets his wee feelings hurt. Next we’ll hear that it is unseemly for a woman to attack. I guess “strong women” are the next terrible thing that conservatives whelp upon the world.11:27 AM

Claudia Rosett: Outta there! So many people writing “out of the ballpark” I feel like I should post the climax from “The Natural.”

Pursuing Holiness notes the way the press has treated Bristol Palin and Mary Cheney. 11:23 AM

Bookworm: Has her reactions notes her Obama-loving hubby’s response. 11:21 AM

Chris Muir: Hearts Sarah. Funnily enough, I was singing that song to myself after the speech, too. 11:20 AM

Dick Meyer: Wants to criticize the press’ outsized attacks, can’t quite do it, ends up with an approximation of Humphrey Bogart, saying Vice Presidential Candidates Don’t Mean A Hill O’ Beans In This Crazy World… 11:09 AM

Btw, Dick Meyer is interviewed by Siggy, Shrinkwrapped and Dr. Sanity here, and discusses Why We Hate Us, which you should buy. Widgets

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  • Peregrine John

    helps make things more readable, I think. What do you think?

    Works for me!

  • s1c

    Insty is working good for me on this issue. A good speech, not great, but a very good speech. Still a long way to go and I think we will continue to see the attacks. As Peggy said, the left will try to destroy her but the barracuda will prevail in the end.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Taylor Marsh is taking the general line I’m seeing from the Thinking Left (as opposed to the Mad Left), and she says well done but would have been better without the snark.

    Hey, by viciously attacking her from the instant she was announced, and doing nothing but attack her and her family for days, the Dems have opened the door to relentless and non-stop counterattacks from Sarah Palin.

    They have no standing to whine and cry, with trembling lip, “waaaa, Sarah’s being mean to us!” This is the game they wanted to play, so they cannot now say “unfair, unfair” just because they know that their getting their asses whupped.

  • ViolaJ.

    I also love that format.

    Nice admonition to the Republicans!

  • HNAV


    Well, I have been a whiner it seems, the cynic has to be a cynic.

    Yes, I would prefer Gov. Palin on top of the ticket.

    Sorry, have to be honest.

    Cynics and whiners have their place, are often motivated for their deep concern for the best, and honesty is always the best policy.

    I feel strongly, to try to remain as objective as possible, as a way to improve life, or with any endeavor we engage upon.

    John McCain needs guidance, as he developed a tendency is to try to placate all.

    In fact, if many like my cynical self, had not been so vocal about rejecting the trial balloon the McCain Campaign had presented regarding the Lieberman VP potential, or a ‘pro-choice’ VP, we may have not gotten the impressive Palin on the ticket.

    I think he is a good Man, who may spent far too much time in the Beltway environment, living as a Celebrity.

    A life long Beltway Celebrity Insider from the Senate is not attractive in my book. I think the historically low approval numbers of Congress, suggests many Americans may feel the same.

    In the Convention, several have cited Gov. Palin’s fine record of accomplishment (including tax reduction) and her impressive CEO experience which is essential for a Presidential Candidate, but this only reminds one that Sen. McCain had none of this. It is no surprise, the only worthy ‘deed’ referenced specifically about Senator McCain at the Convention, has been his incredible heroism as a prisoner in Vietnam. When referencing his tenure in Congress, it is often made in a generic form, mentioning a vague ‘reform’, ‘independent’, etc. The various GOP speakers rarely provide specifics, because there isn’t really anything to note, except the Senator’s fine support for the GWOT, the Surge, etc.

    The criticism of Senator McCain is a very big compliment to the real-special nature of Gov. Palin, and an informed understanding of John McCain’s political history. I have watched him over the years, appearing on Meet The Press, simply underwhelmed by the vapid offering.

    I suppose my main regret, is the failure to defend and support the decent President Bush over the years.

    It is no surprise, Gov. Palin shines in comparison to her Presidential Nominee partner.

    The regretful manner in which the MSM has treated the amazing GOV. PALIN, is how the unethical Liberal Democrat Partisans have treated Reagan, Bush, Romney, Bolton, Roberts, Alito, Thomas, etc…

    So ironic, many Democrats (including the endorsement of the NY Times) pushed for McCain to win the GOP Primary, thinking he was more acceptable to their Liberal Partisan mindset.

    Then, they are stunned with a real sound Woman on the Ticket embracing Conservative Principles (* not embracing the delusional Liberal Democrat fashion), who could be a tremendous symbol for the GOP’s future, which is becoming very bright due to the rise of an honest Gov. Palin.

    The USA is so better served with the presence of a fine American like Gov. Palin, and I am thankful Sen. McCain made this selection, even if he was pushed a little to do so.

    Instead of the GOP growing towards the Maverick’s brand of fence sitting, poll watching, and ‘gaming’ via triangulation, my hope is that Palin is so popular and attractive, more Republicans-Politicians will be inclined to follow her template.

    This would be great for Our Nation.

    Less political manipulation, more honest, decent, capable, servants of the heart.

    PS: The speech of Gov. Palin was wonderful, she is a natural.

    Makes Hillary Clinton look like a very angry, bitter, amateur.

    I wish there had been one line to commend President Bush’s Leadership since 9-11, expressing regret for the unethical slandering of this fine Man and his Family. But I sense the McCain Camp wants to run away from the Bush-Cheney association.

    Also, I thought there SHOULD be some reference to the disastrous Democrat Majority in Congress, with mentions of Pelosi – Reid, and the need to return to some responsibility in the House and Senate.

    Even if the McCain-Palin ticket succeeds, (one can only hope), they will need support in Washington to Lead without the endless parade of unethical investigations, debasing, undermining, libel, slander, etc…

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  • Elise

    I like the format in the short term – it’s great to get all this info in one place – but in the long run I’d like to go back to hearing more about what you think yourself.

    One thought. A number of the people who opposed Governor Palin so strongly over the last few days pretty much have to push the “she didn’t write her own speech” story. Those opponents have insisted that Palin was not even close to being ready for the job of VP *and* have insisted that choosing someone so unqualified meant John McCain hadn’t vetted her and was therefore rash, stupid, incompetent, petty, lecherous, and/or senile. The only way to hang onto those criticisms now that her speech has shown she is at least adequate and probably far more than that, is to claim it wasn’t really “her” speech. On the bright side, I do hope this issue focuses a lot of attention on who is writing Obama’s speeches – that should be interesting.

    As for Donna Brazile, I used to like her a lot but she’s been setting my teeth on edge for a while now. I finally gave up on her a few days ago when she was asked on some news program about Obama telling everyone to leave Sarah Palin’s children alone. Brazile’s response was that it was the right thing for him to do but she prefaced it with a little riff on how Obama and his family had also been so terribly mistreated. I know some people have crossed the line in criticizing Obama and his wife but to me there’s a world of difference between anything that’s been said about Obama’s family (or that of almost any other modern Presidential candidate) and the kinds of nastiness that were being spread around this past weekend about Trig’s parentage. So Brazile’s dragging in some supposed equivalence really, really put me off.

  • jbmom26

    Her teleprompter malfunctioned last night, can you believe it!?

    Pretty impressive, at least to me!

    Jennifer in MN

    [Edited to admit link - admin]

  • igout

    I guess you’ll be slapping my wrists for being so vindictive, Anchoress, but I got to gloat. Did Sarah tie firecrackers to the MSM’s tail or what? See running dogs run!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    I’ve read a few anecdotes here and there, but I would be real, real interested to hear how this speech and Sarah Palin in general is going over with teen and preteen girls.

    Has she just turned the next generation of women into strong conservatives?

  • Maura

    ….” but would have been better without the snark.”

    Oh, but it was Snark with a Smile and very well done, at that. Gentle Snark.

    I think her speech was great, and in fact she was doing more than just speechifying….that is to say, she really means what
    she said, and is not just shinin’ us on.

    I hope and pray that we are seeing beginnings of a new era in conservativism.

  • hazlnut

    What kind of sick person brings a Down syndrome baby or any infant for that matter out at 11 o’clock at night to a convention hall filled to capacity?? This poor child was rigid with fear as his mother and father shamelessly displayed him for the audience. “Look at me, I’m a wonderful mother.” She’s a political climber using her infant as a prop in a sick propaganda play to win back the base. The so-called “liberal media” isn’t asking hard questions at all. Where’s child services to question the judgment of parent using an infant in that manner? By the way, did the 17-year-old grow up in a vacuum? What went on in that house to make that girl go out and get pregnant? I was leaning toward McCain, but I find Palin to be despicable person; the kind of backwards mentality, blind to it’s own hypocrisy, that has been ruining this country for 8 years.

    [Sad. A "Down Syndrome baby" - HIS NAME IS TRIG - is like any other still partially nursing baby and belongs with the mother and family. This is a very weak argument that will backfire on you. Small and petty. And really JUDGMENTAL, and sad. And pathetic. Yeah, let's call child protective services on 'em. Do you realize how you sound? -admin ]

  • niceguyeddy

    Here’s a question…I hope some can help out with…..Was she or wasn’t she against the “bridge to nowhere”. The left keeps calling this a lie….is it?

  • Kathleen

    “Snarky” “Sarcastic” and “Disrespectful” ?

    Calling her speech ‘disrespectful’ is tantamount to calling an Obama speech ‘uppity’. How insulting to women.

  • Piano Girl

    LOVE the PMS definition, not to mention the reply to hazlnut. Maybe we can get a “group rate” on Depends for the libs. I want to send some to my favorite lib friend. Trig is going to be OK, as are the rest of Todd & Sarah Palin’s kids. This is a wonderfully close-knit family who will thrive over the next four years. What a great speech by the next VPOTUS come November! Thanks for all the work you’ve done in putting info in easy-to-find format.

  • stoutcat

    I thought she was magnificent!

    You might enjoy the humor of “She Don’t Scare” at

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  • newton

    Love your answer to that pathetic malcontent, Anchoress. Let me add a few things to it, even though I think there’s no way to improve on your hit.

    “What kind of sick person brings a Down syndrome baby or any infant for that matter out at 11 o’clock at night to a convention hall filled to capacity??”

    9:30 p.m. Central Time Zone (MN included here) is NOT 10:30 EST, let alone 11 p.m. It was actually 6:30 p.m. for the Palin Family – Alaska Time Zone (ATZ). Late at night for her kids? Not really!

    BTW: the baby’s name is Trig Palin. Heh. Any further, and you would have called him the “retard kid”. (I have no doubt that arrogant, elitist jerks like you have no problem going that far against people, even the most innocent ones. I was called a “retard” by a college administrator early on my college career. It took me years to get over that insult.) If anyone is sick in the head, not to mention pathetically ignorant, it is YOU.

    “This poor child was rigid with fear as his mother and father shamelessly displayed him for the audience. “Look at me, I’m a wonderful mother.” She’s a political climber using her infant as a prop in a sick propaganda play to win back the base.”

    You’ve obviously never held a four-month-old infant. Rigid with fear? A four-month-old? C’mon! Four-month-olds pay attention a little and then fall asleep. Constantly. (My daughter was that age once.)

    Not to mention, isn’t the role of the husband to be there for his wife and children? Isn’t the purpose of the family to stick together whatever may come? This is a very PROUD moment for the Palin family, a huge example for the Palin’s kids. Yet you reduce it to “shamelessly displaying” an infant. She’s a MOTHER. She’s proud of HER kids: every mother is! Maybe you would be happier if little Trig was far away from there… preferably with a barefoot-and-pregnant mother, ashamed of and never aware of her own self, away from the public view. But Heaven forbid Trig’s mom actually achieve something of great significance! He will be told of that moment for years to come. All you have is… [pardon me, Anchoress]… bitching and moaning!

    You are the same kind of people who preached so much about “how Women can have it all!”, and now, all of a sudden, you found “family values”? The hypocrisy coming out of you is just proof that you Libs don’t mean what you say, and never had. (Trust me: I lived in the Northeast. I was exposed to NY elites while at a women’s college. I know how they think and act… and how they look at families like the Palins with derision.)

    “Where’s child services to question the judgment of parent using an infant in that manner?”

    CPS have bigger fish to fry. If they were going after the Palins, CPS would have never contained all the national outrage coming from families all across America!

    “By the way, did the 17-year-old grow up in a vacuum? What went on in that house to make that girl go out and get pregnant? ”

    BTW: No man is an island, and neither is a family. They have had to endure the same outside, negative influences that all families encounter. Bristol is growing up rather quickly now: she’s assuming responsibility for her actions – which is exactly what her parents have taught her. That’s miles better than the “perpetual adolescence” our modern popular culture and elites have been pushing since the 60′s and the “Me” generation.

    Who the Hell made you judge and jury of how the Palins raise their kids? Do you have any? If not, STHU.

    “I was leaning toward McCain, but I find Palin to be despicable person; the kind of backwards mentality, blind to it’s own hypocrisy, that has been ruining this country for 8 years.”

    The despicable one here is YOU. Neither McCain nor Palin need you, thank Heavens. Their “backwards mentality” as you call it is exactly what has made many families in America survive for many generations.

    Your putrid mentality is on display here. Quit it while you still have time to save face. I highly recommend it.


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