Rush, Obama and Charity

We all know there is no way President Obama will take up Rush Limbaugh’s offer for a live debate on his radio broadcast.

Or is there?

In the comments section, Gayle (comment #21) made a brilliant suggestion: Why not urge Rush’s tens of millions of listeners to pledge $10 or $20 each, to go to a charity of the president’s choice, if he will debate?

Of course, leaving the charity up to the president, may not make everyone happy. He may, for instance, decide have it all donated to ACORN, for instance. Or the UN.

Perhaps the president can be given a list of a dozen charities and told he may select three and Rush may select three?

Or, better yet, use the bajillion dollars this scheme would raise to form a Foundational Fund for School Vouchers, so that poor kids stuck in miserable schools can have the chance to go to a better school, as the president’s own daughters do. Let it be administered by two non-politicians, one from the left and one from the right. That much money, annuitized, could send a lot of poor kids to better schools, for a lot of years; it would be a true boon to the nation and a “true” (as opposed to rhetorical-but-illusory) act of bi-partisanship.

I’m all for this. I love this idea. You’re an American genius, Gayle!

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