Inflation in the Nation

Over at Inside Catholic, Brian Saint-Paul talks the Federal Reserve, Inflation and Duck Tales.

No, really. Start with this video:

Then go read his “Money Meltdown” interview with Tom Woods.

We’re in big trouble – on all sides, politically, socially, spiritually – pick a battle and start working. Support it all on a foundation of prayer and something good may come of your efforts.

This week Buster and I talked about coming threats, implosions and take-overs, and I told him again: psalmody, psalmody, psalmody!

Pray the psalms – use it as your base. I hold it to be true – if you pray the psalms every day, you cannot help but grow in wisdom and the confidence that all things work to the Glory of God. Do it here, or here, do it with your iPhone or catch them when you can, but praying the psalms daily will give you a sense of the long-view, and we need that. The long-view – and the understanding that there are illusions before us, always, masquerading as reality – is what keeps one fit, aware of more than “the day’s news” and fairly at peace.

And pray the rosary with me, if you’re so inclined. You’d be amazed at what it does to your whole outlook, if you let it.

Ask for the grace of prayer, of being able to pray, of loving to pray. It’s one of those prayers God always says “yes” to.

The world needs all the prayers it can get.

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