Friend Shana, who can read the writing on the wall, is doing a bigger garden than usual, this year and she says she’ll be canning more fruits and vegetables, too.

And, (eventually) she’ll be taking care of the eggs. And the fried chicken, if they don’t produce, I’ll bet!

Her chicks arrived today:

Writes Shana:

Please thank your readers from me for buying bumperstickers & T shirts & rosary bracelets, which funded our project! We got 14 laying hens, and the hatchery sent (free) 9 cockerals for warmth in travel. We have named the males: “Pot Pie” “Fryer” “KFC” “Broiler” “Fricassee” “Noodle Soup” “Chicken Salad” “A la King” and “Coque au Vin”

I understand a silv’ry, short-legged chick is named after me!

Remaking America. Michelle Obama did promise, after all, that we’d never go back to being the way we were.

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  • stephanie

    LOL- love the names!
    That is awesome- I hope she has all the veggies and eggs she can use, with enough extra to sell if she so chooses :-)

  • Maggie45

    Wow, Shana, you’re really somethin’, Woman! Way to be responsible. Ditto what Stephanie said. I vote for goats, too.

  • Foxfier

    Hehe, great way to make sure the kids understand the importance of animals in a very basic way, too!

    (also can teach biology when cleaning said fryers– I can still remember the look on my mom’s face when I asked where our gizzard sacks were)