A Recovery Party? Random Chills, Thrills & Myths

A Recovery Party? Random Chills, Thrills & Myths March 27, 2009

Comrades, it’s difficult to keep up, but the mandatory service requirement requires that you try. The oxymoronic thing passed in the Senate. It passed by a healthy margin.

Yesterday a thoughtful young 24 year old whom I have known since he was about 10 or 11 sent along this piece about California regulating car colors, and I wrote back – feeling a little bit like King Arthur in the last scene of Camelot, “someday you will tell your children about the mythical land of America, where people were basically free to do whatever they liked, express themselves freely, dare to dream…”

What worried me is that he didn’t argue. He’s all of 24, and no conservative by any means, and he rather agreed, and he wondered if a third party is the way to go.

If something isn’t done soon, America as we know it will be so over. Our “leaders” are jokers and weaklings, and liars and scallywags, too.

I was wondering today if we should not form a “Recovery Party”
– one dedicated to recovering the United States of America as the Republic our founders intended.

It may come down to it;
The Recovery Party or…“Obey, Comrades”.

The UK is thinking – again – about changing the Royal Rules of Succession:

Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, has opened talks with Buckingham Palace on removing the 308-year-old law that bars members of the royal family from marrying Roman Catholics. He also plans to allow women to inherit the throne according to birth order, under the proposals expected to be introduced next year.

If it happens, the ultimate result of this ruling will mean a return to Roman Catholics on the English Throne; any prince-ling who married a Catholic would – under Church law – have to agree to raise the children Catholic, so eventually a Catholic would sit on the throne.

Since the Church of England is imploding, and Charles has already said he doesn’t wish to be called the “Defender of the Faith,” but a “Defender of Faith,” in a general sort of “multi-culti” way, there seems to be no serious reason to maintain the King or Queen as head of church that is dying, instead of vibrant. Some may feel the connection diminishes the throne. Then again, whether the monarchy itself is going to die or live is a question of the age.

But since I’ve been tracking rather weird, mystical and supernatural for the last few days, I am just thinking about what it would mean for a Roman Catholic to sit on the English throne again, in terms of the tribes of Israel. What would a Catholic on the English throne mean to a continent legislating how one may speak about one religion, even as the smug pundit/chattering classes are becoming (worldwide) more comfortable in proclaiming their Jew-hate (it cannot rightly be called Anti-Semitism, since Arabs are Semites, as well). Will it be a positive or a negative in this tussle between “light and dark” that Chesterton warned of?

The fat man said: “The issue is now clear. It is between light and darkness, and everyone must choose his side.” take these words to your heart teach them to your children…

He also said this.

Obama at Notre Dame: the outcry is growing. It is charitable but vigorous.

It’s not going to change anything. Notre Dame is not going to rescind the invite and Obama is the last person who is ever going to allow a little public outcry from those knuckle-dragging Catholics [those who didn’t vote for him; as opposed to the useful idiots, who did] to dissuade him. My advice: look for something unexpected to come of it down the road. The Holy Spirit has a habit of confounding us with by means and methods most curious.

When we remember that Christ is the King over all, we cannot forget that the King always honors his mother. Christ, the God-man, the Icon of the Word (which includes “Honor thy father and thy mother”) could do nothing less. That’s why I am more amused than annoyed that President Obama, of the Culture of Death, will be speaking at the university named for and dedicated to Our Lady. This is a ballsy and knowing affront to the Mother of the King. The King will not like that! I’ve often and often warned folks about messing with the Mother of the King. They never listen.

I know I seem to be writing a lot about the state of the world as it relates to Catholicism, but Catholicism is under attack as surely as Judaism and all the branches of Christianity. But the Church of Rome is under particular attack, in terms of conscience, and the sacred and the secular. It is, of the churches in the Body of Christ, the pillar and centering pole. Take her down, you take down all of it. So, these things matter.

We should always, though, when engaging in matters of import and passion, remember to do it with love.

Speaking of Mary: Ekklesia reports that the EU is arguing about whether its 12-starred symbol honors Mary. Again, the Holy Spirit has a way of using things…

A bit of history:
from our pal Patrick at McNamara’s Blog: Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to visit a Catholic College. Bully! Bully!

This was always a lie:
there are no such jobs because there is no such sustainable energy technology. But people like that lie.

What is Evil?: Bookworm wonders about it. I’d say the word evil – like the word Nazi – is one of those words that should be used very sparingly but over the past 8 years was flung around with abandon. So now…it’s a difficult word to use seriously or thoughtfully. Sort of like the words “incurious” and “transparant”.

National Review creates a site
dedicated to Media Malpractice, which is very nice. Their logo looks a lot like the one designed by Chris Muir for Media Mythbusters. Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we can certainly use all the help we can get in keeping track of or debunking media biases, media “mistakes,” their outright lies and agenda-driven omissions.

If I were a professional journalist, I’d be ashamed that such sites are needed.

The Mythbusters Guys: Made a big boom

No Myths: Michael Yon and Michael Totten bring you the real stuff, not the mythical stuff.

a billion dollars an hour.

Michelle Malkin predicts violence and riots at the G20. I suspect it’s just going to be a dress rehearsal for the summer.

This is a very good question, Comrades. I would argue that they can’t handle the DMV, much less AIG.

Now, if they release the Gitmo 250 into the United States, and give them job-training and benefits…that’s all it takes? No more war on terror? That stupid Bush!

Yes, Comrades, you are being watched.

Moving, Uplifting, Tragic, and Real.

Some thoughts on abstract art and baby boomers from Kansas Catholic

St. John Vianney: It’s a private joke between the two of us, but whenever Buster and I hear his name chanted in the Litany of Saints, we turn to each other and smile. Now, this great saint has a play

Rosary Podcasts.

I’m going to tell you again,
because there is a lot of fretting and despair in the emails: Do not be afraid. As Martin Luther King said, “a lie does not last forever,” and hey…sometimes a thing’s gotta happen so that the next thing can happen. All things, times and persons work to God’s purpose. Trust. This whole Lent has been about TRUST, for me.

He’s tired. Understandably so. And he’s not Madeline Kahn.

Palate Cleanser: Hitler finds out about Eric Idle at Epcot. It’s not pretty. Language warning: You’re warned!

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