Blogging Award Thingies

It seems there are all sorts of different Catholic blogging awards going on, and I wasn’t aware of it at all. Ah, well…such is the practice of detachment!

But now that I AM aware…I would like to win something! Or at least make a respectable showing ;-)

Caroline Cannonball (how can you not love?) is offering up her own sublime 2009 Cannonball Awards. I am nominated in the category of Best Catholic Political Blog that is Not the American Papist. I covet it! Please go vote for me; right now I languish in second place!

Also, the Catholic New Media Awards are taking nominations throughout the month of May. This used to be called the Catholic Blog Awards, (read their FAQ’s) and as you see in my righthand sidebar, I have been delightfully honored in 2006 and 2007 as the “Best Political Blog”, until Fr. Z and his busy beezzzzzzzz pretty much swarmed everything last year.

Also, the Eastern Christian blogs have awards now, too, so stop by and check them out! The nicest part of these award thingies is discovering blogs you might not have seen otherwise!

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