More on "thee" & "thuh"

Or, “th’” as Joseph Marshall correctly deems it (I think) in the comments section of this surprisingly rambunctious post from yesterday, wherein we wondered how one properly should pronounce the word T-H-E when it precedes a word beginning with a vowel.

Not my most popular recent post (that would be my admonishment to Christian girls that they put their breasts back into their shirts) or my most accessed-through-google post (which I am sure disappoints everyone who finds it), but certainly one of the chattiest responses of late.

Well, chat some more; Little Miss Attila has written some more on our broken English language, and it’s loads of fun. You can check out her whole “catalogue” on this issue, too.

Have fun! I am writing something on deadline, so I’m not looking at email just now. If you find the site a little rocky to navigate just now, my apologies. The torture will end soon, but in the mean time please try a hard reload (hold shift key while hitting refresh); that might help!

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    On language –

    Anyone else notice the uptick in the use of the phrase “two-minutes hate”? I’m seeing it all over the place these days (today at NRO in reference to the Christopher West controversy).

    But let the record show that it was we, at this site some months ago, who first revived and retrieved the phrase from the attic of literary history.