More on "thee" & "thuh"

Or, “th'” as Joseph Marshall correctly deems it (I think) in the comments section of this surprisingly rambunctious post from yesterday, wherein we wondered how one properly should pronounce the word T-H-E when it precedes a word beginning with a vowel.

Not my most popular recent post (that would be my admonishment to Christian girls that they put their breasts back into their shirts) or my most accessed-through-google post (which I am sure disappoints everyone who finds it), but certainly one of the chattiest responses of late.

Well, chat some more; Little Miss Attila has written some more on our broken English language, and it’s loads of fun. You can check out her whole “catalogue” on this issue, too.

Have fun! I am writing something on deadline, so I’m not looking at email just now. If you find the site a little rocky to navigate just now, my apologies. The torture will end soon, but in the mean time please try a hard reload (hold shift key while hitting refresh); that might help!

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