Our freezing summer makes me gripe

It’s freezing here; we can’t swim, can’t have the windows open. Every day is cold. It just convinces me more than ever that solar flares (or the lack of them) have more to do with the ever-changing climate of planet earth.

And more resentful of policies, programs and restrictions put in our way, in service to the hoo-hah of Mr. Gore. And why this ticks me off, too. And this. And why not, anymore?

I am most seriously unhappy today.

The prescient satirical genius of Paddy Chayefsky

In fact, let me tell you all the things that have me ticked, today. Take a deep breath, and save your strength for the stuff at the. That’s the stuff that will break your heart.

Iran: I am mad as hell that apparently we’re just not a good enough country to speak up for liberty, anymore. That our silence implies consent to despots. Meanwhile, Christiane Amanpour just reports over my tv that the Iranian Government is torturing and raping students, many they captured in their Monday midnight raid on student dorms. Strange indifference. WHEN can America finally speak up? Does this president not support these universal ideals. Also Don’t miss this or this.

Society: I’m mad at this. And this, and this, this and this. Hey, the traditional right of Americans to dissent and protest? That’s borderline terrorist behavior, these days.

Healthcare Fraud: And this, and this; not so much this, but this and this. And this. And this, and this. What about this?

ACORN/Obamafraud: This and this, this and this. Hmmmm…here’s a thought.

Stimulus Epic Fail: this graph, and these projects and this, and this and this and this and this. Bloodless but not painless, after all. Bogus Economics.

Media: What’s the point of even talking about it, but read this anyway. The Runts are becoming the capos of the Alpha Wolf, and as long as they get to play within his sphere, there will be no questions or concerns forthcoming from our gatekeepers, and “mediating intelligences,” who can be overawed with the mere swatting of a fly. Thank God for Alternative Media, for as long as we have it.

Gayfolk: I’m even mad on their behalf, because no one likes to be tossed a bone and basically told, “so? You’re mad? Where are you going to go? I own you.”

ABUSE OF POWER: And this should tick off everyone, if they’re honest. Read that one, and this because it is related if you read no others. Senile? And this and this and this, this, this. The press predictably whitewashes.

Writes Ed Morrissey:

We are seeing a pattern, no longer just a single data point. IGs work independently to protect taxpayers from corruption and abuse from its own government agencies. A coordinated attack on IGs certainly suggests hostility to that mission, which isn’t the Hope and Change Obama promised on the campaign trail.

The White House refuses to answer questions about the firing of three inspectors general in two weeks. Hmmmm…I wonder if this meets the definition of “arrogant” and “unilateral” and “imperialist”.

Seems like a genuine abuse of power, getting very little attention. Read those last links and realize that today is day 150 of the Obama presidency. Then…adjust your dreams, accordingly.

Look at history and you know this cannot end well. I may have hated how the press treated Bush, but at least they were a counterbalance to him, at least there were questions. One person having all of the power, and all of the press – in all of history that has never ended well.

Where is our Paddy Chayefsky?

I’m going to go throw up, now.

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