Iranians use Michael Jackson to get attention

The clever Iranians have figured out that the only way to get the attention of the press today is to do a Michael Jackson Merge, intersecting their story with his.

More on the excessively pop-minded press by Francis Beckwith.

If we could just get these Iranians freed up, maybe a few of them could teach us how to throw stones and stuff at this absurd rogue congress, before they completely destroy our own country with their fake climate bills that Obama has already promised will lead to skyrocketing utility costs at a time when the economy has contracted another 5.5% (missed that in all the Jackson excitement, did you? That’s why I’m here) and nothing in the economy says we can support it. Ah, I forgot, the recession “is over”.

How do people pay more in taxes, more in fees, more for services when they are out of work? Excuse me, but if Obama wanted to stir the economy, increase tax revenues and spend, spend, spend, shouldn’t he have made creating jobs his absolute first priority?

Said it before and will say it again: Obama is Jimmy Carter redux. Right down to the energy crisis, only he’s creating this one on his own. Voluntarily.

Take a look at how the capntrade bill will affect your district. Yeah, I called my congressman, who is a Democrat and has never once voted against a Democrat-authored bill. Was very polite, appealed to his sense of honor. I don’t expect much, but I tried.

EPA doubts global warming, and suppressed their evidence, but this climate bill is being pushed through, because flim-flam artists always rush you to sign a paper before you read the fine print. There there is this.

Maybe we need to use a Michael Jackson video ourselves,
to get the press to pay attention to the ruinous, boondoggling “cap and trade” bill, which is going to be voted on with an additional 300 pages sneaked into it and unread, thanks to Rep. Waxman.

And while we’re not looking, Inspectors General/Gov’t overseers are being picked off.

Obama lied about raising taxes
Nancy the-CIA-lies-to-us all-the-time Pelosi and her little angry fist will profit from CapnTrade which looks like it will pass
Oh, by the way: Health Care will cost 4 trillion not one trillion.
Higher Taxes: Already hurting small income-producers
A challenge to free speech: from the left, not the right.
Why you should never, never, never believe statistics; they are always created to push an agenda and excite action.
Democrats shoving each other: on the house floor. Over earmarks. I don’t know if we will survive this congress.

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  • Karen

    |Maybe we need to use a Michael Jackson video ourselves|

    Yes, it seems like the Pope died, the way congress had a moment of silence for MJ. Oh wait, they wouldn’t do that for the Pope.

  • nodi

    mj is bigger then the pope
    pope is a joke

  • Sadie

    I love the video idea… it would be great to have one to spread to the public and confront congress and the white house on their insanity and our displeasure… you are brilliant, as usual! :)

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Nodi, if you were serious, get off the board. The Pope is too holy a man for you to make stupid comments about.


  • Gayle Miller

    Figures lie and liars figure – that’s what my Daddy used to say! My Daddy was a very smart man.

  • Karen

    Nodi, you are sad.

    [Such comments speak much more about the commenter than about the Holy Father. Admin]

  • newton

    “Said it before and will say it again: Obama is Jimmy Carter redux.”

    More like Jimmy Carter to the 10th degree!


    I e-mailed my Congressman, a Republican. He knows he cannot vote against the interest of those of us from his Houston area district. And Houston has THE MOST TO LOSE from this bill that will amount to national economic suicide if it is ever enacted.

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  • Mr. H

    I feel you pain, and then some!

    The House vote yesterday on the climate bill was depressing.

    Mr. H