Rib eye steak, onion, bleu cheese

Okay, a few days ago I showed you a recipe that sounded incredible.

Two recipes, in fact, Ree Drummond’s Rib Eye Steak w/ Onion and Bleu Cheese and her Monkey Bread.

Since I had to go food shopping yesterday and the rib-eyes were both on sale and cut just right (I prefer thin to thick), I went ahead and bought them, bought the onions, heavy cream and cheese.

Oh. My. GAWD.

It was one of those meals where the family is silent
except for groans of pleasure. I asked Elder Son whether he said thumbs up or down and all he could manage was “make this again!”

It’s rich, it’s flavorful, the onions are so creamy it’s almost like eating Fettuccine Alfredo (my husband wondered if an entree could be made out of them with a few other veggies…I say why not?). I made steamed asparagus to go on the side and what a meal!

The monkey bread also won raves. People made pigs of themselves until I decided to send half of the batch over to my neighbor who promptly cursed me and then dug in. Basically the monkey bread is like eating cinnamon buns, one luscious pull-apart mouthful at a time. Sinful. I’m going to confession today.

Lastly, simply because it was so easy,
I tried Ree’s Pots de Creme because I am a sucker, sucker, sucker for a 4-ingredient, 5 minute dessert that looks like you fussed.

May I say, OMG again, that stuff with a cup of Mystic Monk Coffee, and you’re not going to be thinking about dessert for a long time. And I now have to totally behave for the rest of the weekend.

But guys, try these recipes
, and note that Ree has a cookbook coming out in October that look fantastic (you can view some of it at that link). I have already ordered two copies, one for me and one for a gift, and I expect to give at least four copies of it for Christmas. That looks to be one fantastic cookbook.

Perhaps Ree Drummond will become “our” Julia Child. She’s saucy, funny, entertaining and damn, her recipes are out of this world.

For tonight, I am trying: Crispy Yogurt Chicken!

And I’m filing all future Ree Drummond posts under the category, American Genius

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  • dry valleys

    That is an excellent blog, thanks! I am reading through it. I don’t think I could do what she has done, having lived in a city all my life & only experiencing nature through walking, cycling, etc… that is, on my own terms, when I wanted to go there in good weather rather than having to scratch a living from the soil.

    It is admirable. Seems she isn’t bad looking either!

    I tend not to go by recipes. Despite having not long ago become a vegetarian, & cooking from scratch rather than ready-made stuff, I still manage to be deeply unimaginative. A lot of eggs & bread are eaten- plus whatever is in season at the farmers’ markets in the area.

    I do love reading sites like that though. I tend to go “window shopping” because actually eating the stuff has regrettable consequences for the body…

    So I am always on Wikipedia looking up the cuisine of all sorts of far-flung places, reading cookery blogs, recipe books, anything that doesn’t involve having to part with any money or add any inches.

    I will certainly be back there. As a confirmed urbanite (of the badly off & boring residential area type rather than the hip & happening inner-city type) I can only do this country living thing vicariously. It is a bit worrying that I probably wouldn’t be able to handle it :D

  • Ellen

    My son (the carnivore) would turn his nose up. He will only eat meat one way. Burned. I have tried to get him to try medium, but no, he has to have it charred.

  • saveliberty

    Oh my goodness – it looks and sounds wonderful!

  • saveliberty

    Oops. I meant the Yogurt Chicken.

    I’d already swooned over the steak sauce and ordered her book.

    The good news is that the doctors tell me that I am allowed all of the coffee that I want. LOL

  • DeLynn

    Going to make the steak and bleu cheese sauce in a few minutes! We will also have roasted sweet potatoes, French beans, and fresh fruit. Ree is an American genius–great label for her! Try the French Breakfast Puffs sometime (I use butter instead of Crisco, though). They are amazing. When my 15yo daughter’s friends come over (which seems to be frequently!) this is always their request.

  • Fr. Mark

    Oh my. I made this (onion & bleu cheese) dish tonight after church as well – HAD to try it after reading about it on your site! I used filet mignon for the beef though – and holy cow (pun intended!) it was truly delectable!

  • Marilee

    Well hell…I just spent 3 (!!!) hours on that wonderful website. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • saveliberty


    You have created a Mystic Monk monster – I just ordered again.

    [It's addictive, right? - admin]

  • Mike

    We made a warm potato salad last night with a very similar onion/blue cheese sauce using a variety of small potatoes. It was awesome.

  • LisaM

    I love your blog! One day a Female Urination Device that I didn’t know I needed but now must have, the next a fantastic new recipe that will become our Sunday dinner. And always, spiritual inspiration and political common sense. Thanks!

  • Barbara

    OMG? On a Catholic blog? SOY! Still, great recipe….

  • Amy P.

    Tried the steak. It was DELICIOUS. Fantastic. I would make it again in a heartbeat.

  • Susan

    Like I really needed that recipe! You may want to try a trick of mine with steak. I like my meat MOOOO MOOOO red and cold. So I freeze my steaks. Then when I want to cook one, I get my olive oil very hot. Then I put in the steak so that it sears on both sides. The steak stays rare. This type of steak is called a black and blue.

  • Tonestaple

    I was thinking the onion sauce would be a joy with just pasta but fortunately I read the comments and will be enjoying it with some potatos. I can hardly wait.

    Unfortunately, I already bought veggies to go with my steak tonight, but I am thinking of some way to include some gorgonzola cheese I have sitting in the fridge…

    I have Pioneer Woman’s blog bookmarked but for some reason I don’t visit it very often. Clearly I must mend my ways.

  • Karen May

    I am 58 years old, have never like to cook, raised 5 boys (the youngest of whom is now 19), managed to feed them in spite of my dislike and now, thanks to you, Anchoress, I have found my nirvana…….Pioneer Woman and Tasty Kitchen. I have been cooking nonstop ever since I found her link on your site, have been ordering new cooking utensils from Amazon (the driver stops almost daily), and feel empowered!!!!! It must be her step-by-step photos……she made me believe I could do anything (along with Julie and Julia which btw turned me on to another little slice – vokda gimlets-whoa! yum!) and her sense of humor lifted me. Thank you, thank you, thank you and my family thanks you too!!

  • Jay Everett

    Sorry old fellow but steak should be eaten as steak. I tastes good without putting all that stuff on it. Even vegetables should be eaten in their natural flavor so that you can taste the wonderful flavors that GOD intended. Best thing that will happen is that you will be healthy…..

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  • Lacey

    I love Ree. Love her love her. Try Penne a la Betsy, but add pine nuts. Insanely good. Oh, and the Peach Maple Crisp thing. I made that this weekend and people cried it was so good.

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