Global Warming Fakery & Gore

Lots of people talking about this admission by the BBC that the earth has been cooling, not warming) for over a decade.

Longtime readers know my thoughts on this hooey; I am glad to see this.

There is lots of new information coming out indicating that the whole AGW boondoggle was, always, a boondoggle, (“yeah, that earth shaking data? We lost it! and those hockey sticks? Um, kinda…never mind about that!”

That makes me glad, all this boondoggle-unveiling.

Glad doesn’t feel like much, however, when one realizes that the Al Gore Travelin’ Earth Salvation Show and the complicit media (and “international community”) have excited ruinous legislation in many countries, and that our own “science czar” is one of Gore’s true believers. And that our president and the congress intend to debilitate our economy -admitting they’re going to do it– for the sake of this freakshow fakery.

Al “no press allowed” and “no debates” Gore, is a cheesy sort (and I say this having once believed he was the stronger half of the Clinton/Gore ticket) who once said (and the article is gone, baby, gone, now) that the press should not report on views that dissented from his Imperial Premise.

Al Gore is a man whose daddy got rich from selling coal. Selling carbon.

Al Gore got even richer selling useless, politically-correct-feel-good-mumbo-jumbo “carbon offsets.”

I’m no psychologist, but that rather sounds like maybe Gore’s Inconvenient Truth is that he hated his daddy.

I’d love to hear from some of the psycho-blogs about that idea.

Meanwhile, as the bloom comes off the road, the hoo-ers are ramping up the pressure to pass their legislation.

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