Global Warming Fakery & Gore

Lots of people talking about this admission by the BBC that the earth has been cooling, not warming) for over a decade.

Longtime readers know my thoughts on this hooey; I am glad to see this.

There is lots of new information coming out indicating that the whole AGW boondoggle was, always, a boondoggle, (“yeah, that earth shaking data? We lost it! and those hockey sticks? Um, kinda…never mind about that!”

That makes me glad, all this boondoggle-unveiling.

Glad doesn’t feel like much, however, when one realizes that the Al Gore Travelin’ Earth Salvation Show and the complicit media (and “international community”) have excited ruinous legislation in many countries, and that our own “science czar” is one of Gore’s true believers. And that our president and the congress intend to debilitate our economy -admitting they’re going to do it- for the sake of this freakshow fakery.

Al “no press allowed” and “no debates” Gore, is a cheesy sort (and I say this having once believed he was the stronger half of the Clinton/Gore ticket) who once said (and the article is gone, baby, gone, now) that the press should not report on views that dissented from his Imperial Premise.

Al Gore is a man whose daddy got rich from selling coal. Selling carbon.

Al Gore got even richer selling useless, politically-correct-feel-good-mumbo-jumbo “carbon offsets.”

I’m no psychologist, but that rather sounds like maybe Gore’s Inconvenient Truth is that he hated his daddy.

I’d love to hear from some of the psycho-blogs about that idea.

Meanwhile, as the bloom comes off the road, the hoo-ers are ramping up the pressure to pass their legislation.

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  • Ferde Rombola

    You have said the earth is cooling, and you and your source may be right, but you didn’t say the earth’s atmosphere is cooling. It’s not, unless you can come up with a convincing reason for the disappearing polar ice caps.

  • dry valleys

    It isn’t only Al Gore, though, is it? The Vatican has been taking climate change seriously & hasn’t shown any signs of changing its mind. I wonder if they were wrong.

    Dismissing ideas because of the behaviour of their supporters is a seriously bad idea- one that could easily be turned against Catholics & conservatives, but I wouldn’t do so because I don’t accept it as a valid tactic.

    That article you link to doesn’t really say what you seem to want it to be saying- it has long been known that 1998 was an unusually hot year, & it refers in its own text to scientists’ predictions that the years to come will be even hotter & the direction of change is clear.

    But even if the planet doesn’t warm, I would certainly take the view that mankind is having a detrimental effect on not only the climate but the health of the planet in general. Be it warming, cooling, or just good old fashioned pumping filth into the air, the land & the water, there are too many people who won’t seriously deal with it.

    Again- were Al Gore to be the biggest hypocrite, fraud & generally hate-worthy person ever to walk the earth, it wouldn’t prove what he says to be wrong in & of itself. As it happens many environmentalists are unhappy about statist schemes- see here for example- & I don’t agree with offsetting as a solution because if a habitat is destroyed, more is lost that can’t be replaced by casually planting a few trees.

    I therefore support the conservation of ancient woodland, restrictions on pollution, conservation of the land (which would be helped by reduction of farm subsidies…) & so on, not grandiose schemes, because often big government does more harm than good- see the encouragement of biofuels, a typical quick fix “solution” that is of little/no environmental worth, but then that’s what you’d expect of something promoted by politicians (Bush being one of them, & I don’t know whether Obama is too, but if so he is in the wrong) rather than environmentalists themselves.

    I also steer clear of “green” parties because not only are they tied up with militant leftism, which they often seem to put before environmental protection, & propose schemes that are actually unscientific & unhelpful.

    I will further grant you that the policies pursued by governments under the name of environmentalism, especially given that these same governments then encourage pollution, can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

    But as I said, I’ve heard all this one too many times- one thinks of The Great Global Warming Swindle, now debunked (& misquoting scientists to suit a purpose) & the like.

    I would really like a serious discussion of environmental problems, which are still real even if I accept that AGW isn’t, which I’m not about to now- my Damascene conversion lies some distance from here!What do you think about the environment- not global warming, not Al Gore, but the air you’re breathing, the food you put into your body, the fields & forests that you walk through & the water you drink?

    It is an issue on which various religions, including the Catholic Church at all levels, have showed interest & come up with ideas.

  • Gayle Miller

    It is also documented that Al Gore’s father raised him to be President of the United States. Thus, in Al Gore’s mind, he is a failure in his late father’s eyes.

    How sad. My parents’ only expectations for me were that whatever I chose to do with my life, that I do it to the best of my abilities. That’s a reasonable expectation and creates no psychological pressures that cannot be handled.

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  • Dagwood

    The local town drunk went staggering down the street past my house last night. I could swear as he reeled by that I heard him shouting that the world would come to an end this next weekend. Perhaps I shouldn’t have become worried. But after all, some friends tell me that he did graduate from an esteemed college long ago, well before the bottle began to bite him so viciously.

    So today I quit my job and told the boss where he could stick it. I’ve withdrawn all my savings from the bank and bought a ticket to Tahiti so that I can spend my last week on earth in a breathtaking exotic location. Of course the cost of the trip (plus a week’s stay at a plush seaside resort) was much more than I could afford, so I max’ed out my credit card. After next weekend it won’t matter what I owe, anyway.

    So maybe Al Gore isn’t the town drunk. But the reaction of many influential persons, including many of those whom we elected to Congress and the White House, is to impose draconian measures that will, in time, financially burden many citizens with costs beyond their means, while the favored fat cats of the Beltway get fatter. The town drunk may scare a few of us, but in the end he doesn’t have the power to dictate how much we must eventually must pay for utilities, fuel, and just about everything affected by them (that means just about everything, doesn’t it?), or how many miles we will be allowed to drive each month. Or in what type of vehicle.

    That Al Gore has become the international doomsayer is troubling. But more troubling is the growing evidence that the research leading to the “hockey stick” along with other AGW-related findings was deliberately cherry-picked to provide a pre-ordained outcome. Gore may be an easy target in all of this, and one shouldn’t automatically dismiss the idea of AGW simply because one doesn’t like the messenger. But neither should one dismiss the growing evidence that Mr. Gore and the AGW pushers have been incompetent, if not downright dishonest. And neither should one assume that all of our hostess’s doubts concerning AGW are based solely upon Gore being the leading proponent. Some of her links above should give one plenty of reasons to doubt.

    Gotta go catch that plane.

  • Andrew B

    “Dismissing ideas because of the behaviour of their supporters is a seriously bad idea-”

    While I am sympathetic to the intent of dryvalley’s comment above, I am afraid that Al Gore has stepped too far over the line for me to listen anymore. To hear Al “Biggest Damn Carbon Footprint On Earth” Gore lecture endlessly on the sins of others…well, it is too much. He has joined the likes of John Edwards in the Ninth Circle of Hypocracy. If there is a serious argument for Global Warning, isn’t there someone less tainted by doubletalk and personal greed to make the case?

    I believe in limiting sexual promiscuity, but I wouldn’t put Hugh Hefner out front as my spokesman, regardless of how much I approved of his message.

  • dry valleys

    Well, such is the nature of the media. There probably are more worthy people than Al Gore- I don’t channel him & don’t even know all of what he says, I pay attention to others.

    But he has obviously been singled out by the press & is the go-to guy for just about everything, so people who may be more worthwhile toil in obscurity.

    This reinforces the message that we have got to look for other voices. I couldn’t recommend any American environmentalists as I don’t know about them, but you can find those you like & make them your sources.

    An excellent book I read recently was “The Killing Of The Countryside”- a British book that is probably of limited relevance to America, but conservatives especially those of a more libertarian trendency might enjoy it (& those who make similar cases) because it lays many of our woes at the feet of government, especially farm subsidies.

    I have not trawled the sphere yet but I hope to be finding some counter-arguments- I am requesting that some of my favourite bloggers respond :)

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Ferde, have a look at, eg,

    Tedesco M., and A. J. Monaghan, 2009. An updated Antarctic melt record through 2009 and its linkages to high-latitude and tropical climate variability. Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L18502, doi:10.1029/2009GL039186.

    Turns out the melting polar caps are stopping too.

  • dry valleys

    Lindsay Graham & John Kerry Of Evil discuss the matter.

    Worthy of note is that Arctic drilling & tar sands are fraught with environmental problems- & do nothing to address the issue of what happens when they, too, run out.

  • Dennis J. Francis

    Dagwood writes: “I heard him shouting that the world would come to an end this next weekend.”

    He’s wrong. It’s gonna hapen 12/21/2012. I knows cuz Da Histerical Channel sez so.

  • Brian English

    “Worthy of note is that Arctic drilling & tar sands are fraught with environmental problems- & do nothing to address the issue of what happens when they, too, run out.”

    The idea is to use these as a bridge to cleaner energy sources. You cannot simply convert your entire economy to new forms of energy overnight. In the meantime, we should reduce our dependence on foreign oil. This is also a national security issue, not just an environmental issue.

    My primary source of aggravation in this area is the idiotic refusal to pursue nuclear energy, which we know can work on a large scale.

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  • dry valleys

    Brian English, it may surprise you to note that many environmentalists are pro-nuclear. Again, we mustn’t confuse what governments do calling it “green” with what conservationists do.

    I like to think I know a bit because I am a member of groups like the Woodland Trust (who lay special emphasis on native trees which are as old as possible) & Friends Of The Earth (who are unafraid to criticise government measures & point out that things like biofuels often don’t help).

    I am still on the nuclear fence. But you’re right that it shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. It is a debate that must be thrashed out reg’lar & often.

    There are friends of mine whose judgment I respect on both sides of that divide.

  • Brian English

    “Brian English, it may surprise you to note that many environmentalists are pro-nuclear.”

    It doesn’t surprise me at all, because I have read quotes from environmentalists who recognize that the technology has become so advanced that the risks are now minimal.

    Unfortunately, too many people still appear to get their information on nuclear power from the China Syndrome and The Simpsons.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I remember, many years ago, being buttonholed on the street by a young environmentalist with a clipboard, who wanted me to sign a petition against nuclear power plants. When I refused, and walked away, he screamed after me, “Just you wait! Just you wait! You’ll be soooooooooorrrrrry!”

    It’s nice to hear environmentalists are now coming around to the idea of nuclear energy; it would be even nicer if it hadn’t taken them decades to do so.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Brian, I agree with you that our pressing need, right now, is to get away—as fast as we can—from reliance of foreign fuel.

  • dry valleys

    Killing Fields- The True Cost Of Europe’s Cheap Meat

    I am led to believe it is even worse in America- cows being “reared” in giant factory “farms” to produce as much fat as possible, eating “foods” they weren’t built for & which do untold harm to the environment.

    The scandal of soya production, & before anyone sneers at vegetarians it mainly goes into pre-cooked “meals” & to processed “foods”, is not widely enough known.

    Them as eat meat should source it carefully from pasture-fed animals. Lovely taste & it is good for the soil. Only good earth will nourish us in the end.