Obama Executive Order & Interpol – UPDATED

I’m thinking that when Steve Schippert began his blog, which he calls Threats Watch, he never thought he would be tracking a threat from his own Executive Branch and Congress.

Does that sound a bit out there? Yes, I worry that it does. But this Executive Order, which Obama quietly signed while the world was distracted by Tiger Woods and weather, sounds pretty out there, too:

December 17, 2009, The White House released an Executive Order “Amending Executive Order 12425.” It grants INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) a new level of full diplomatic immunity afforded to foreign embassies and select other “International Organizations” as set forth in the United States International Organizations Immunities Act of 1945.

By removing language from President Reagan’s 1983 Executive Order 12425, this international law enforcement body now operates – now operates – on American soil beyond the reach of our own top law enforcement arm, the FBI, and is immune from Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Noisy Room spells it out:

Here’s the text of 2(c), which this Executive Order now has applying to Interpol:

(c) Property and assets of international organizations, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, unless such immunity be expressly waived, and from confiscation. The archives of international organizations shall be inviolable.

This now says that Interpol is no longer subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Their premises or staff can no longer be searched either. Their files are not subject to legal subpoena or discovery. Our government could just hand documents and files over to Interpol and Americans would no longer have access to them. Interpol can legally keep files now on all citizens of the US with no right to redress.

In reality, we have just handed over our sovereignty. Interpol headquarters in the US is currently headquartered in the Department of Justice. A ‘separate’ Interpol agency has been created in the DOJ – let that sink in for a moment. Interpol has been granted diplomatic immunity now by Obama – they have exemption from being subject to search and seizure by law enforcement, US taxes and immunity from FOIA requests, etc. This action could also be used to divulge American military secrets and a whole host of horrific practices having to do with going after our military. It’s the road to internationalism on steroids.

Rick hopes it’s all some sort of misunderstanding.

Color me cynical. As we watch the tyrannical Harry Reid (and an apparently fully-corrupted parliamentarian) bribe, lie and bully his way to passage of a ruinous healthcare bill (with the reprehensible Mrs. Pelosi waiting to do exactly the same in the House), as we watch the elected leaders of this representative democracy try to inflict legislation upon us which can never be rescinded, I don’t think there is any misunderstanding, at all.

A few days ago, I wrote: the Democrats are conspicuously unworried about upcoming elections. Perhaps they are not worried because they know something that all the angry voters do not seem to understand: that they no longer have to give a damn; they will not have to worry about future elections; they will not have to care what anyone thinks of their governance, and they have no worries about the press, either. There are no Woodwards or Bernsteins on their horizons.

Socialism, like the Chicago fog, creeps in on little cat feet. That doesn’t make it less nefarious.

Yes, it is true that sometimes negatives must be allowed to happen, so that positives may occur. I’m trying to be philosophical about all of this, on one level. But I am not sure we’re supposed to sit around and do nothing as our nation devolves.

I have never understood why the Jews in Germany and Poland and the Netherlands simply went along with what they were told to do by the Nazis: Oh, okay, we’ll go get our yellow stars and we’ll comply with this law that we must wear them. Oh. We’ll endure public hate and discrimination. Oh, we’ll just clean up this broken glass. Oh, okay, we’ll get on these trains. Oh, yes, let us have a shower…

Civil Disobedience is a good thing, sometimes -a force for good- we learned that from the very same spoiled-brat generation that now attempts to utterly corrupt our government, and our way of life, and who want us all to just sit down and shut up, as they do it.

I know it is very difficult to get anyone interested in this Executive Order, because the dishonest Obamacare bill is dominating the day. This is part of the problem: Obama and his team have started so many fires that while one is being fought in one place, another is taking hold, elsewhere. But the thing is, the fires are all connected, and they come from the same source.

I’ve linked to it a few times, lately, but I am going to fully repost something I wrote 4 years ago, about how to recognize a coup and stop it. If it is not too late, it is very nearly too late.

Yeah, file this under “remaking America.”

UPDATE: Andy McCarthy wonders: Why Does Interpol Need Immunity from American Law?

Ed Morrissey: has more:

. . .it appears to mean that Americans who get arrested on the basis of Interpol work cannot get the type of documentation one normally would get in the discovery process, which is a remarkable reversal from Obama’s declared efforts to gain “due process” for terrorists detained at Gitmo. Does the White House intend to treat Americans worse than the terrorists we’ve captured during wartime?

UPDATE, Dec 30:
Michelle Malkin notes that the Obama administration is disinclined to answer questions about Obama’s EO. A most transparent administration. And a most incurious press. I remember when they used to call Bush “incurious.”

Jake Tapper: Looks into things a bit more deeply and says, Interpol story is no big deal, really.

Well, I am always willing to be corrected. Cynicism does wear one out. I just want to feel okay about it. ;-)

Lots more theorizing about this going on here.

Even CBS sees corruption
Iowahhawk: It’s a Wonderful Bill
Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt and ever-more corrupt
Melissa Clouthier: Podcasts

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I’m praying, I’m cutting down on distractions—even a lot of the internet; I’m trying to reach for silence, recognize truth from falsehood, but it’s hard. . . our war is, indeed, against Powers and Principalities, not to mention the Prince of the Powers of the Air, who seems to be running all entertainment, and political commentary at the moment.

    What can we do, but pray harder?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, yes, the Interpol affair sounds nasty indeed; and, one wonders—where are all those brave, leftwing champions of freedom, and freedom of speech, opposing it?

    (However, I don’t believe there is anything such as legislation that can never be repealed; there’s always a loophole to be found, somewhere.)

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  • ErikZ

    I have been thinking a lot about those that Socialism killed.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Socialism eats it’s own. There were many people who saw disaster coming. They packed up their bags and got out.

    Those that stayed were unable to leave, (poverty stricken), supporters, or indifferent.

    What kind of people do you think run Detroit now?

  • Wolfwood

    There’s going to be more crisis before there’s less. People are reading more about the Founding Fathers so they can understand the Constitution better, but eventually they’ll start to read these men’s calls for (violent, if necessary) revolution. Hopefully things can be fixed before this really starts to take hold.

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  • dymphna

    When I was a girl I used to wonder why so few Jews in Europe realized in time what Hitler was up to. After watching my countrymen this year I now see why.

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  • Kelleybee

    This needs to be challenged in court!!

  • Kelleybee

    It is ironic that as we grant legal rights to our enemies…our own are taken away.

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  • http://pollywogcreek.blogspot.com Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

    “Come Lord Quickly” has become even more meaningful this Advent.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Have you ever seen the movie D.O.A., starring Edmund O’Brien?

    America is him.

  • CNN Never Heard of “Executive Order 12425″

    I’m afraid this shows the revolution is over and it was silent and by stealth. CNN returns no result for “Executive Order 12425.” Now all the current administration has to do is send their files to Interpol’s offices and nobody will ever be able to find out anything, ever.

    Nice knowing you, American Experiment.

  • MJ

    Anchoress, I agree with you about all the fires that are burning. They are all connected and all meant to distract us. I pray everyday that people will wake up before it’s too late. We are losing our Liberty and Freedom….a little bit everyday. Come, Lord Jesus!

  • Dave

    “Do not be afraid” – Jesus (also JPII)

    We have already won. Christ is triumphant!

    “I have overcome the world” – Jesus

    “You have no power over me unless it was granted to you from above” – Jesus to Pontius Pilate

    Let go of everything the world has to offer and you will have freedom. This includes fear of death. The Prince of this world will no longer have dominion over you. Obama literally has no power what-so-ever. Neither do any other leaders past or present since about 2000 years ago.

    Buon Natale!

    Easter is the reason for this present season.

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  • devan

    Remember, George Washington was saved twice during his escape from the British out of New York – one by a driving rain storm and once by a blinding fog. I can’t believe he won’t save us again – perhaps by giving us the courage to take the action the times demand….

    [Yes, but we do also have to keep in mind that sometimes "salvation" doesn't look as we expect it to look. If it is defined narrowly as "another Reagan" you won't find it. It will be what God wants it to be, and it may look strange to us, at first. Sometimes it takes 20 years hindsight to understand why a thing had to happen the way it did. admin]

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  • http://Criminals patriotdynamite

    Obama, Reid, Pelosi et al. are complicit criminals who are exempt from the law and are destroying America. Where are the pitchforks??? It’s time to drive these creteans out of office.

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  • igout

    Well, we’ve taken our miraculous country for granted for too, too long, and have let things go badly to hell. Now we must roll up our sleeves and clean up and clean out this mess.

    Merry Christmas all, although I’m not really in the ho-ho-ho mood.

    [Nice to see you again, igout -admin]

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  • http://standwithintelligence.com Redhead Infidel

    This has me greatly concerned. As our Justice Department prepares to go after our own CIA and Defense personnel, we see that they have prepared an untouchable enclave for themselves and international powers. I am sick to death for what this means.

    I saw this comment at Politico (by Taro): “No doubt, future generations of debt-enslaved Americans will refer to this as the last Christmas. How unfortunate that liberals love the power of high office more than they love their country.”

    I thought the same thing this morning. As the government oozes to take over a full quarter of our nation’s economy, and we unconscionably pass trillions in debt to our progeny, and blithely give away our most precious sovereignty, the thought did occur to me that our children and grandchildren will never be as free as we’ve been in our worst times.

    Never has a generation of Americans left a worse future for their descendants than what they themselves had. That makes us the biggest generational losers and most selfish a**holes in America’s proud history.

    Our shame is bitter, indeed.

    Merry Christmas to America’s future serfs – our children.


  • Before Gore Kneel

    The quoted text seems to include the UN and its various entities. In particular, the IPCC would probably welcome a complete shield from any examination of its collaboration with the AGW ‘scientists’. Note particularly that the shield prevents FOI requests, however posed.

    Is it a coincidence that Obama signed this order the same week he went to Copenhagen?

  • Old Gringo

    Good Heavens, people…pull yourselves together!
    We’ve known this was coming for years. If it’s down to a finish fight, then so be it! The waiting has been an anguish of anticipation. Be of good cheer, the long dark night is about to end. There will be blood and sorrow, but at the end lies victory. Doubt it not.Those of us about to enter the maelstrom do so with joy in our hearts and the same determination as those on Concord Green some two centuries ago. Go now: prepare, pray, resist and win. God with us!


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  • Jon H

    You don’t have the tiniest clue what Interpol is, do you? Do you? No, you don’t.

    Stupid, ignorant, cowardly conservatives. How many pairs of underwear you people must go through, always wetting yourselves on the drop of a hat. “A kitten! Probably a Communist kitten! AGGGH! Protect me!”

    Get a grip, you morons.

  • senatorseven

    @Jon H #37 … okay, I admit it; I’m overreacting to, um, well, something. So, what is your oh-so-informed and educated perspective on this Executive Order? Please enlighten us riff-raff.

  • bg


    Jon H @ 6:38 pm #37

    wow, bash & run..

    how impolite of you..

    so smarty, what is Interpol, and how do
    you interpret the new executive order??

    oh & btw.. many many foreigners own property in the US (some even claim to have discovered America, therefore they own it, but i digress), not to mention the headed towards dictatorship government..

    [what happened to PREVIEW?? gah!!]


  • Steve

    I’m confused, how did the FOIA ever apply to Interpol? Is Interpol now an agency of the United States Government?

    If not, then FOIA never applied to them to begin with.

    I’ve been praying to Jesus every day since Obama took office that people would stop with the fear mongering so that we could work on solving real problems. But, alas.

    Freedom of Information Act:

    International Organizations Immunities Act

    [And of course, you whispered up the same prayers a few years ago when all we kept hearing was "Bush is shredding the constitution with the Patriot Act," in hopes that such fearmongering could be put aside so the really important things could be done. Thank you for that! Or, did you dislike the Patriot Act? I had problems with it, myself. I understood why Bush pushed it (and the congress voted for it) but I also worried about all that power being misused. Of course, now that Obama is president, we have nothing to fear from the PA, or any worries of misuse. Interesting discussion, though, don't you think? As ever, naked or unembedded (unlinked) Urls' cause a comment to go into the spam filter where I may or may not find it for days, and then may further create the link for a commenter, or not, depending on my mood. There is a very good tutorial on how to embed links, here. If I can do it, anyone can. Edited to admit links -admin]

  • Steve

    bg #37,

    I’m not going to name call like Jon H did, because well there isn’t any reason too. But I will answer your question regarding Interpol.

    Interpol is the International Criminal Police Organization, or the ICPO. There are 188 countries taht participate in this organization, including the United States. Interpol focuses on the following areas of International crime

    Sexual abuse of children and child pornography
    Organized Crime
    International fugitives
    Computer crime, including identity theft

    Interpol is a not a Law enforcement agency. The primary purpose of Interpol is to gather data provided by each country and use that to track international crime. For instance, if an organization named BadPeople is selling drugs in multiple countries, Interpol can notify each of these countries and if necessary help the countries to work together to stop them. Interpol does NOT make arrests. They simple provide information to law enforcement agencies. One of the core functions of Interpol is to provide Database services. Within the U.S., agencies like the FBI can use this information to help with their work here.

    Any information that the FBI gains from Interpol databases and uses to make arrests would be subject to FOIA. Since the FBI is making the case against the person, the FBI themselves would have to have this information in their own databases and it would have to be available to both the Prosecutor and Defense.

    The simple truth is that Interpol was never within the boundaries of the FOIA. Now whether they should be or not is another topic entirely.

    I’ve included some interesting links regarding Interpol:

    Interpol member countries:

    Interpol database services:

    Interpol History:

    [Edited to admit links. I will spare you my usual lecture about naked url's ending up in my spam filter. For those who do not know how to make a link please see this helpful tutorial and then think positive thoughts, believe in yourself and give it a try. If I can do it -and I am a techoidiot - then you can. As to the story itself, I have been out and busy and not reading much for days, but this is Bob Owens' take on it-admin]

  • Steve

    I apologize for not using hyperlinks with my sources. I wasn’t aware that the comment box supported embedded html otherwise I would have done so. Thank you for converting the links on my behalf.

    Is it only hyperlink tags that are supported in the comment box?

  • Steve

    [And of course, you whispered up the same prayers a few years ago when all we kept hearing was "Bush is shredding the constitution with the Patriot Act," in hopes that such fearmongering could be put aside so the really important things could be done. Thank you for that! Or, did you dislike the Patriot Act? I had problems with it, myself. I understood why Bush pushed it (and the congress voted for it) but I also worried about all that power being misused. Of course, now that Obama is president, we have nothing to fear from the PA, or any worries of misuse. Interesting discussion, though, don't you think?


    The Patriot Act may very well be the least Patriotic thing this country has enacted since its inception. I really wonder if people went along with it simply because it was called the “Patriot Act” and not the, “Trample your rights and take away due process Act”? Something that allows the Government to have no oversight or consequences for their actions cannot be a good thing. I do take solace in the fact that every man will stand before God and be judged by the things that he has done. Even though almost all claim to be Christians, I imagine that many a politician will have trouble making it through the pearly gates.

    The Government all too often forgets that they work for the taxpayers; that they are here to serve their constituents. I personally don’t look at the political party when voting, I look at what each politician claims they will do to make our world a better and safer place. The Patriot Act is a slippery slope that provides unnecessary power to Government. No matter the President, the Patriot Act should be removed, but giving power is always easier than taking it away.

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  • http://danielmcandrew.com Daniel

    I only recently came upon this news about Exec. Order 12425 Amendment.

    As a candidate for office, I am outright appalled at this affront to our sovereignty. By the hand of our own POTUS no less.

    I fully intend to embody this within my platform, to fight it, to change it (back). To prevent anything like this if at all possible.

  • Gillian

    Wow. You people are…well, never mind the nasty words. read Steve’s informative comment. You don’t know what the Interpol is, you have no idea what its purview is, and you are totally unfamiliar WITH THE LAWS OF YOUR OWN COUNTRY, which is embarassing for you.

    And before the next hysteric starts frothing at the mouth and babbling in tongues, I would politely request that you respond to Steve’s info.

    The one thing I do envy you is the amazing and fantastic world you live in – I have to read fantasy books for demons, witches, angels, magic, and stories of being Chosen. You, on the other hand, all live in a little D&D adventure of your own making. It must be fun to be able to believe in fairies :-(

    [Aw, thanks for not using the nasty words and just calling everyone mouth-frothing hysterics and fantasists. We can learn from your find example of passive-aggressive niceness. Thanks! ;-) Interpol and UN Back Global-Policing Doctrine -admin]

  • Gillian

    Em. You froth at the mouth (Prince of the Powers of the Air, anyone? Reminds of me of a Sword & Sorcery book I have by my bed right now), and you’re fanatics (Obama! will kill us! with healthcare for all! and also with the complying with the laws of the Us and international standards!! omg!!!1!!!). I was being factual.

  • Johnny Reb

    Page 917: We will need to surrender national sovereignty to an armed international police force

    “If this could be accomplished, security might be provided by an armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force. Many people have recognized this as a goal, but the way to reach it remains obscure in a world where factionalism seems, if anything, to be increasing. The first step necessarily involves partial surrender of sovereignty to an international organization.”

    This quote is from John Holdren’s book ECOSCIENCE circa 1977. John Holdren is Obama’s “science czar” or top advisor on science and technology. In this book he advocates among other things population control through forced abortion and involuntary contraceptives. This site has more details.

    Re-read the last sentence of this quote. By amending EO 12425 Obama has set in motion this diabolical plan. This is not coincidental or accidental. Research John Holdren and “Planetary Regime.” As far back as 1977 these guys were advocating what we are seeing put into motion today. Be afraid and be prepared.