"Tenure" or "Tenor"? Oops!

Watch the graphics during the report. Heh.

Gov. Chris Christie; “We may have to fire lousy teachers!”

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  • Mark L

    But . . . *everybody* loves a tenor.

  • saveliberty

    LOL I saw that, but thought that was perhaps the way that the newsroom spelled it.

  • Mark C

    Should he tone it down a bit?

    [I have been thinking the same thing. I like what he's saying, but wondering if his tone will make people tired -admin]

  • saveliberty

    If you heard him speak about “Waiting for Superman”, you’d have heard a much softer tone. Is it possible that he’s so good at these exchanges that the person taking the clip is looking for something to top what he’s already done?

    There was a video of him recently that took excerpts of his exchanges. The best clip was when he said that his father was Irish and his mother was Sicilian and that they did a lot of their talking very loudly. :D

  • johnny b

    Now that is funny.

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  • kathleen

    All this “bad teacher” news is political smoke screen. We went through TeCAT test in the 80′s in Texas thanks to Ross Perot and a Democratic Gov. The only folks I knew who didn’t pass were principals who did the “accountability” PDAS observation of us teachers. All that evaluation of performance wastes billions of dollars on Educational consultants and reams of paperwork or my favorite– the streaming video to show us not to leave the classroom while giving the TAKS tests. Then NCLB just added to the madness, and now Laura Bush is starting a move to replace Principals with people who never taught so they can evaluate teachers. Maybe we teachers are stupid for putting up with all this from both parties, the kids and parents. Educational reform is a total joke in the USA. a very sick one.

  • pam

    I think Chris Christie is a well needed breath of fresh air. Here is a you tube video which answers the question about his tone.


    [Oh, for crying out loud, I LIKE Christie, I don't need any convincing about him and you probably saw that video for the first time HERE. :-) I'm just wondering if the tone is going to get tiring for some. We're still allowed to wonder, in the US, aren't we? -admin]

  • pam

    I understand you may get some people jumping down your throat…that was certainly not my intention and if you look back on some of my comments I have come to your defense. You may be a little thin skinned on this one…or maybe I am.

    [Pam, it's probably me. Ever since the Palin fans started jumping down the throats of anyone who dared ever wonder if she was anything less than all-wonderful-all-the-time, it's begun to seem, to me, that people want to invest in illusions of perfection. No one is perfect. We're so hungry for ANYONE who can articulate our position well that it seems to me some people are willing to blind themselves to unpleasant realities--and I am not saying that about you, just speaking generally. One of those might well be that Christie, whom I admire a lot, may find that his tone is tiring to some. I know someone who likes him a lot, but who got annoyed when he went after the guy who criticized that female pol (name currently escapes me) and said "come after me." Might have been heroic, but this guy--who, I repeat--LIKES Christie, felt the tone was needlessly combative, that he could have shut the guy up without referencing himself. We have to be able to wonder about our politicians. The press did not allow anyone to wonder about Obama (they still don't want us to wonder about him), but as the blog says, "only wonder leads to knowing." I GET that the Palinlovers over-defend her because of the way the press literally savaged her when she came on the national scene...and savage is not too strong a word. In 40 years of watching politics, I never saw anything like that. But she's established herself, now, and we have to get over that trauma and the sense of wanting to protect her, otherwise, we cheat ourselves. Ditto with Christie. We must be allowed to wonder about him. The combative tone is great when its necessary; under the right circs its powerful, clarifying and -as you say- a breath of fresh air. Under the wrong circs, it can backfire on him. That's ALL I'm saying. It's ALL I wondered about. -admin]

  • pam

    I am just thrilled to see someone finally standing up to the union thugs (sorry grandpa, the union’s are no longer for the hard working little people who helped make this country great.) Anchoress you are right Christie is not perfect but I would love for him to come to my bluest of blue states and stand up to our union thugs who are ruining our educational system and our state.

  • Judith L

    I, too am a big Christie fan who wondered a little about his reaction to the man who was yelling at Meg Whitman. I was a little concerned that he made Meg look helpless–which she isn’t. What I would REALLY like to see/hear now is a strong statement from him pointing out the lies and illegalities involved in Gloria Allred’s recent stunt.

    I did see a video recently–sorry, I don’t have the link–of his answering still another question about his interest in the presidency. His manner was kind, polite, and very clear–and substantive. I thought–what an interesting man with whom to have a conversation.