God & Man; Great Morning Reading – UPDATED

On this cold rainy day:

Start here, with Pat Gohn’s How To Grow a Priest. That’s a must-read.

Swinging Catholics: and their effect on the election

An insightful piece on Mad Men: The Fall of Don Draper

Greatest Title Ever: How the Gray Lady became Margaret Dumont; and of course, a good piece, too!

The Tea Party Must Learn to “Reagan” the Press: my own piece today at PJM. The Tea Party is off to a good start, but it needs to learn how some bladework, if they want to use Reagan’s sword.

Savvy Sarah Palin: it only needed more pics of Allen West, but yeah, she’s running.

They’re not laughing at the Tea Party anymore

JWF: Some can’t handle it

Minority Republicans: Making gains across the country.

Great Television: I tweeted on election night that this exchange between Geraldine Ferraro and Palin was “great tv” simply because it has become so rare to see two politicians with distinctly different views manage to treat each other with graciousness and respect. It shouldn’t be such a rare thing

RWN: 20 Most Memorable Moments

VDH: What it was not about

R.R. Reno: Politics is important, but not the First Thing

NRO Symposium: Nancy’s End, Marco’s Rise

Enough Already with the “inherited” mess; the spoil date has past

New Editor: More money for GM?

Examiner: Compromise, but on our terms

“Nuns at Prayer Sale”: The Summit Dominicans are heading into a 10-day retreat (I am so jealous) on the 14th, during which time they won’t be taking any soap/creme/balm orders, but they’re offering 10% off on all Seignadou Soap Products: soaps, hand creme, room sprays. I just purchased a statue of St. Dominic from them, as a gift, and it’s just the nicest!

A Mull-able Read: “Children of the Resurrection

Sarah Palin on lessons learned and where from here.

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  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    yeah, she’s running

    I take her at her word, and at all the signals that she has been sending. And there are two tracks there –

    (1) Running to win. Palin does not necessarily want to run, she’s content to let some other good candidate run, but if there is no one else, if all we have is the same warmed-over weasels or those pre-emptively calling a “truce,” then she will run.

    (2) Running to drive the agenda. More likely is that, knowing that the savage MSM and the corrupt Dem-machine simply will not allow her to win a general election, Palin will run in order to push the other candidates away from elitist-estalishmentism to commonsense constitutional conservativism. She will run to control the narrative on the issues, as she has for the last 22 months.

    [I agree with that analysis-admin]

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  • Mandy P.

    Loved the Ferraro-Palin video. It’s refreshing to see two women of completely opposite ideologies being so respectful of each other. It bothers me to no end how not just the men, but WOMEN love to tear down other women. Some of the nastiest personal attacks I’ve seen on female candidates are from other women. It’s just awful.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    By the way, in case anyone doesn’t already know, the warmed over weasels are Mike Huckabee and (especially) Mitt Romney, who to this day is defending RomneyCare, the disasterous precursor to ObamaCare. For that reason, Romney is a total non-starter for 2012. Another total non-starter is Mitch Truce Daniels, who will not only get a “no” in response against him, but a “hell no.”

  • Sharon W

    Rush has a more focused (from the long-view) perspective on this. He points out that Reid took out the esteemed Sue Lowden and where were all our “elitest” Republicans to help her then (ie, Lott, Graham, et al)?

    Let’s not let the liberal establishment determine the narrative, as per the usual. This kind of historic pick-up…and they focus on “the loss”?? And that’s what we’re talking about. Instead let’s focus on the “win” and how that was manifest…..grass roots Tea Party prints all over it.

    Long story short…w/o the Tea Party, there would be no historic pick-up to discuss at all!

  • tim maguire

    The spoil date on “inherited mess” was January 21, 2009. Every president inherits some mess, every president takes the oath of office knowing the mess he’s inheriting, and every president accepts that fixing the mess is his job. Whether he personally caused it is irrelevant.

    Enough with the excuse making. If Obama didn’t want the job, he shouldn’t have taken the job.

  • http://cleansingfiredor.com/ Nerina

    Ferraro and Palin were very gracious with each other, but I can’t help and notice how Ferraro still “spins” with the best of them. Her take on the election: “this was no earthquake or tsunami or whatever else pundits have been saying. It was just another election.”

    Bender, I share your feelings about Romney, Daniels and Huckabee.

  • Jeff

    Romney can’t win with the Romneycare debacle. I’d almost like to see Chris Christie/Palin.


    Seems some haven’t learned from the last Midterm, or the Anchoress offering warning about living in a blind political tunnel.

    Jeff, you could not be more mistaken, as Romney and Huckabee lead the polls over Obama – see the link below.

    And Bender, your juvenile sophistry continues, calling fellow Americans “weasels”?

    It is ugly, and we see more denial in the offering on a daily basis. I am beginning to wonder if this is the same Bender who showed such an ugly anti-Mormon contempt from the former Powerline forum.

    The idea Mrs. Palin “does not necessarily want to run” is really nonsense. That is common political gaming’, it is classic attempt to play humble politics, but it is hardly believable. It is actually like many politicians who insult the intelligence of the American Public. We know it is a ‘con’. She should be honest about her desires, for it always is more attractive in the long run.

    Sarah Palin has always had enormous ambition, as Mrs. Palin jumped to join the Maverick Platform which was pushing Cap and Trade taxation, and host of other Democratic Partisan concepts. The Maverick Ticket was hardly a campaign of ‘principle’. It also failed dramatically, and Sarah was a primary player in the flop.

    The reality is far from the hype, as another poll suggests Mrs. Palin has a terribly weak potential, regretfully a near O’Donnell-esque poor offering.

    Poll: GOP candidates top Obama in hypothetical 2012 race

    “In a possible general election showdown, Obama leads Palin 52-44 percent among all registered voters.

    “Looking ahead to 2012, it may be too early to count Barack Obama out, particularly if Sarah Palin is his opponent,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “The former Alaska governor gets a lot of attention, but she is in third place when Republicans are asked to pick a presidential nominee, and in a hypothetical matchup with Obama she is arguably the weakest candidate of the top-tier GOP hopefuls.”

    In a hypothetical 2012 matchup, Huckabee leads Obama 52 – 44 percent, while Romney has a 50-45 point advantage, which is within the poll’s sampling error. “

    Romney, Huckabee, etc, are all easily polling above Obama, while Palin loses in dramatic fashion.

    And no conservative, who naturally focuses on facts, reason, basis, logic, etc., would be foolish enough to ignore reality.

    We cannot afford to run another O’Donnell in any Race, enabling the disastrous Democrats in any way.

    Jeff, Romney definitely hurt himself with the MASS Health Care Reform (just as Sarah hurt herself by abandoning the Governorship in Alaska), but he remains a genuine hero of the Private Sector in the USA. No CEO is more proven, successful, capable, experienced, etc., in turning around failure. He is clearly a Free Market wonder. His record in MASS was excellent, prior to the Health Care regret. He maintains he was only offering a State solution and would never try it on a National Level. It will be interesting to see if Our Base gives him a chance. However, most likely, with the Democrats destroying the economy, many Americans will be happy to look to the likes of Romney to turn things around. He can debate very well, articulates soundly, and does not need to look down at a piece of paper to comment on a serious issue.

    Huckabee on the other hand, has a poor record. He spent and taxed more than Bill Clinton over the same two year time period. That is far from attractive. His Pardon Policy was Carter-esgue, having an open door, which released a number of criminals who ended up striking again. Huckabee also tried several Democratic Partisan policies, like trying to fund Adult Illegal Immigrant Education with taxpayer money – instead of focusing on deportation. He has a Religious Identity which carries him amongst Our base.

    Sarah Palin has similar contradictions in her record. Her populist Taxation for Oil Companies, raised the cost of living for all in the USA. She even defended herself to the disastrous ARNOLD of California with reminding all she grew the Alaskan Bureaucracy with ‘Climate Panel’ building. She embraced the Maverick Platform, which was one of the most liberal Democrat offerings ever from the GOP, including debasing the sound interrogation technique of ‘waterboarding’. Perhaps the worst, was the failure to defend the most admirable efforts provided by the Republicans after 9-11, in the face of the tired Obama – Biden Campaign. Sarah’s poor grasp of a number of these issues, hurt all. And she made a huge mistake of abandoning her sworn oath in Alaska, which is far from ‘conservative’ in principle. We never leave Our responsibilities.

    Perhaps the voters will turn to others, who aren’t so well known. Mr. Pawlenty is mighty fine. Mitch Daniels is impressive. I agree with Jeff, Chris Christie is the REAL DEAL, but I don’t feel he will be eager to leave the job in NJ prematurely.

    Chris Christie is one of the best in the GOP, and his offering over the last two years, has greatly aided the Republicans as a whole – and might have even positively affected a few of the Midterm Races. He continues to impress, with great ability and even a special gift with articulating issues.

    We shall see, but the fashion is misguided. It already is closing doors for the Celebrity Icon, which is showing the weakest offering. This is a huge mistake.

    We have to not only find the best offering, we cannot pretend to nominate another loser like McCain, living in a fantasy (like believing O’Donnell has a chance). We have to do better, and not enable the opposite.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I say we sit back and wait. 2012 is quite a ways off yet, anything could happen between now and then.

    I don’t think anybody now being talked about is going to be running in 2012; that’s just a hunch of course, but, remember back before the last election, when we were wondering if Giuliani would be able to beat Hillary?

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Give it a rest Old Fan, it’s getting real tiresome.

    Moreover, I don’t read or comment at Powerline.

  • Rick

    That is a beautiful photo at the top of this post.

  • Rick

    Very Van Gogh.

  • http://zachriel.blogspot.com/2005/07/liberal-v-conservative.html Zachriel

    Enough Already with the “inherited” mess; the spoil date has past

    In fact, the highest the unemployment rate got under Bush was 5.99 percent.

    It’s easy to reach unsupported conclusions when your facts are wrong. The unemployment rate in Bush’s last month of office was 7.6%. If you look at the trendline, you can see the problem occurred squarely during the latter months of Bush’s term in office.

    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

    tim maguire: The spoil date on “inherited mess” was January 21, 2009.

    The fact is that the Bush Administration careened from one debacle to another, from ill-considered wars to a complete breakdown of the banking system.

    tim maguire: Enough with the excuse making.

    People are clearly more interested in results than assigning blame, except insofar as understanding the causes may lead to possible solutions.


    A rest?
    Reality is tiresome?


    Calling others “weasels” is tiresome.

    Perhaps you should read Powerline.

    There is a lot to learn, with their objective, savvy, insightful approach, and they were completely right in their offering regarding the Midterms – along with the huge mistake in Delaware.

    I imagine we are on the same side, but I reject the offering which is so hostile and vicious to others (especially those on the good side) – as well as weakening a movement by following a tunnel vision blindness.

    I welcome differing views, and would enjoy seeing your opinion, but as I said, trying to help with warnings about following the overt fashion. I will never forget the fashionable anti-GOP reactionary mindset which grew after 2004, which had many desperate for attention, calling for “laying down” for the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Clinton, etc., prior to 2006. Fashionable hyperbole can be so misguided and damaging for all.

    Also, from years of the internet reading, even from the early FREEPER days, there are manipulative voices all over the place. Some of the most vocal, who offer such vitriolic expression towards a number of Republicans, are merely Democratic Partisan devotees, eager to debase support for the GOP. Nothing is ever as it seems in many cases, and one should never follow any fashionable sophistry for the sake of acceptance. Genuine Conservatives seek facts, substance, logic, reason, etc., and can think for themselves.

  • Gail F

    Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska for no good reason — at least, no good reason she saw fit to tell anyone. I would never elect her for anything, or at least not for 10 years or so after proving she could be counted on. She’s appealing, and she is a great spokeswoman. But reliable? Ha.

    The only ad the Democrats would need to run would say, “She quit in the middle of her term as Governor, what makes you think she won’t quit again?”

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  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Perhaps you should read Powerline.

    That’s it??

    Old Fan, you were very loud and clear in making your libelous smear of me, falsely suggesting that I am an anti-Mormon bigot.

    So be equally loud and clear in making your apology and admitting that you didn’t know what the hell you were talking about.

  • Karen LH


    Palin explained in her book why she resigned. This is from memory, but if I recall correctly, someone was barraging the governor’s office with Freedom of Information requests, to the point that it was impossible to get anything else done. She resigned in order to put a stop to it.


    I have to agree with Gail on this.

    Concern about responsibility is reasonable. When studying record in Alaska, there are more issues than just the leaving the Governorship. The emails via Todd Palin, acting like the Governor did not help with a responsible image.

    I do agree with Gail, she is appealing, a fine image for Conservatives. Conservative Women especially are blessed to have a Celebrity of their own, especially in the face of all the phony Leftist – Democrats being pushed as influential Celebrities on the American Public.

    I like Mrs. Palin, was a big fan prior to her acceptance of the Maverick ticket.

    There is an overt popular play used by Mrs. Palin for Our Base. In this ad, she is trying to truly exploit the Reagan Legacy. It can often become far too overt. The “Morning in America” is so obvious. There is a question about going too far, for it will become increasingly like pure political manipulation over substance. Sarah Palin will have to offer herself, something genuine about her and prove she is a sound CEO in the Race, besides trying to pretend she is the “Conservative Icon”. Just as the other Candidates will have to do. Her interviews, still are supremely lacking, and frankly she damaged her image greatly in a number of interviews during the last Presidential Election – and this might be impossible to overcome, because so many were paying attention at the time.

    Sarah has been playing to Our Base big time (which is wise politically), but there are vivid contradictions with her real Record vs. the Hype. She gets away with it because of the fashion which has evolved into an Image-Identity Movement, with over Authoritative essence. Many Pundits have grown the Palin Franchise, using the ‘purist image’ to advertise their being “with it”. However, for example, studying the Palin Record – I still cannot find a reference by her about Ronald Reagan, until during and after she was chosen as McCain’s VP Nominee. Now she uses it daily. It is suspect, perhaps even gaming the Base – just as many politicians do.

    Her excuses to go sell a book, peddle a celebrity, did not help when she abandoned Alaska. The self interest was obvious. Even the potential intent to run for the Presidency. She can be more honest about it, and it would help her.

    There are two years to come, and no doubt she could grow to become the best offering. We shall see. But to offer a nasty condemnation of all the other alternatives, to blindly follow fashion, not seek to find the best, to ignore the weak offering of many Image based Candidates from this Past Midterm, is a huge mistake.

  • OldLineStateDad

    I simply cannot see Romney winning the Republican nomination, if he contiues to defend and insist on the need for the mandatory part of Obamacare. Forcing Americans to buy something they don’t want is the antithesis of liberty. It smacks too much of the liberal attitude that “We know what’s best for all of you, even if you are too stupid to figure it out for yourselves.” Unfortunately for Romney, it’s also the only way socialized medicine works-if you force everyone to buy into it.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Zachriel, Reality Check Incorporated just called;

    They say your Blame Bush card has expired.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Romney had a chance at the Republican nomination, and he didn’t get it. I really don’t see voters suddenly turning around and changing their minds about him, in 2012.

    Again, I don’t think it’s anyone who’se being dicussed right now is going to be a viable candidate in 2012. (And I think it would be a terrible mistake to run the same pack of losers: Romney, Huckabee, “Maverick” McCain, etc.)

  • Tonestaple

    Huckabee is a fool. He would allow some people to play on his naive sympathy and he would grant parole or pardon to men who went on to commit other sociopathic crimes, including murder. If Huckabee had not felt sorry for Maurice Clemons and commuted his sentence to time served, four police officers in Lakewood, Washington would still be alive. Their blood rests on Mike Huckabee’s grotesquely misplaced sympathy and his complete and total credulity when confronted with a supposedly repentant sociopath.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I honestly believe that, at this point, the Democratic party is looking for yet another snake oil salesman, selling hope-and-change-and-a-free-Mars-Bar, while the Republican party longs for yet another Ivy-League, country club, aging white male, who, even if he’s freakier than Huckabee, will, thank God, NOT be some horrible hick from Alaska, like that Palin woman! (And her Downs Syndrome child!)

    I don’t think we’ve found our candidate yet (and, no, I don’t think it’s going to be Palin); I think it’s too early. Sit back, and let things sort out. . .

  • c matt

    We cannot afford to run another O’Donnell in any Race, enabling the disastrous Democrats in any way

    While O’Donnell may not have been a great candidate, what’s the point of running an “electable” Republican who votes just like the Democrat he is running against? Might as well do away with the general election and just use the winner of the Dem primary. The solution, then, is for the GOP establishment to run quality candidates, not some Dem wannabe.

  • JuliB

    Three short comments:

    1. No need to read Palin’s book to hear why she resigned. All you had to do was listen to the first couple of minutes of her very short resignation speech. She gave her reason, and a very good one. While you may disagree with the validity of the reason, to say she never gave one is a lie (at least at this point in time – early on, it could have been ignorance). This has been discussed in many places. We have a responsibility to educate ourselves.

    2. O’Donnell was a decent candidate – according to exit polls, “they” concluded that Castle would not have won either. I see this as the “Tea Party” flexing its muscle and putting Rs on notice.

    3. I’d vote for Palin in a heartbeat, but hope she never runs – at least not yet. Her position of ‘kingmaker’ in politics is incredibly important. 18 of her 20 ‘races to focus on’ won, with Joe Miller still a possibility.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Hatred of Palin has reached such a point that I also hope she doesn’t run—I think she, and her family, would be in constant danger, and bombarded with death threats, if she did.

    Like Julie B., I think she can serve more effectively as “Kingmaker.”

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