No Crying in Politics

My Tuesday Column
is up over at the home page. Call it my last bilious burp for election ’10. It occured to me that, unlike the last defeat the Democrats suffered, in 2004, this time they have not had to process their disappointment through internet apology sites and group therapy sessions, and I wondered why:

Obviously, making international apologies is more glamorous than making domestic amends, but if GOP victories are the unmitigated catastrophes the Democrats and the press would have us believe, it seems like the progressive base should be able to muster the energy to grab a sharpie and do a little penance. They could write:

“Sorry, gay friends, about DADT . . . .”

“Sorry, thought California was cooler about cannabis . . . .”

“Very sad that healthcare will probably be messed with now, sorry . . . .”

“Don’t blame me; I voted for tax increases so we can spend more . . . .”

There are no signs. No sad clown faces or turned-down thumbs being offered by the Dem Drama Department, Class of ’10. But why?

You’ll have to read it to see if you agree with my conclusion. Don’t take it all that seriously, though. It’s only semi-serious, to start with.

And, clearly, it was written before I’d read this.

Or, this.

Or, umm…this.

O/T but interesting

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  • Maggie45

    Wowee! You brought out the trolls over there! LOL.

  • From Giants Baseball Territory

    I’m from that dumb trying-to-legalize-cannibus state. Believe me, they are now busy working to get something else on the ballot as are so many libs I know. One lib, in another state, said he wanted to get car loads of folks from the Sunshine s tate here to drive over the border into his state and register people as Dems for the presidential. Believe me, I know the radicals, I am related to them, I work with them, I see them in mass, they are busy. They are rabid. We are the only delusional ones. I could not agree with you more that we have no reason for smugness. They remind me of some old adage about the devil never sleeping. These folks are HARD at work. One guy told me he was a red-diaper-doper-baby and a real Red. When Ob was elected his eye bugged and rolled (no exaggerating) and he said to me, in my office, “Just WAIT til you see what we can do now”. This old hippie was power mad. He was not even an elected official and he was pure power mad. Believe me, they will not go down without some major political bloodshed. They’ve had a taste. Watch out.


    Outstanding – I like all your reasons, especially the idea the Democratic Partisans might be relieved with the Republican regain of the House.

    Of course, I think the lid is off the ‘con’. All of the things they vilified GW Bush for has been revealed to be an utter lie, in ways in which they really cannot deny. Obama is waging war – Terrorism is still rampant – GITMO remains open – Iraq is a healthy free Democracy, etc.

    Some of these Democrats actually believed TERRORISM was going to go away if GW Bush was no longer President. They really let their bigotry and fashionable embrace cloud reality.

    Obama and the Democrats also made it so comical about the extent of the lies running for power. Pelosi once promised a balanced budget with no earmarks. Obama lied about earmarks, transparency, signing statements, executive orders, taxation, etc. Hillary Clinton bragged about ‘smart power’, and then immediately ran to China to announce ‘human rights’ won’t be an Obama Administration priority.

    You cannot make up how badly the Democrats have been. It must be embarrassing for many of the loyalists. Remember learning that only 8% of the Obama Administration has any real private sector experience? Or that they were going to take over GM, and all of the Obama Administration Officials drove foreign cars?

    PS: By the way, between plays of the Football game, I went over to NATGEO to stomach some of the Hillary Clinton State Department promotional disguised as a documentary aired last evening. This was a very obvious old Clintonite form of imagery peddling for Hillary – probably made by old players in the entertainment industry. The revealing aspect was the lavish waste of taxpayer funds, flying Hillary Clinton all over the place to make a greater mess – and the very poor assembly of staff who are also image obsessed. ‘Smart Power’ was given the hollywood treatment, yet still comes across very badly, especially when one knows it is an utter failure in reality.