The Deacon Has Landed!

For the past week he has been fussing with the decor, and now Deacon Greg Kandra has finally loaded the last box onto the trailer.

As of now you can find The Deacon’s Bench (and eventually his straggling archives) at his new digs at Patheos (where, apparently, everyone knows your name!).

Slide on over (it’s pretty icy out there!) and cozy up for a spell with an Irish Coffee and the good deacon. And don’t forget to change your bookmarks and thingies!

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  • F

    Wow, his graphic is awesome. That gothic church is amazing. Wonder what it is…its so spooky in black and white.

  • Karen Wilson

    The photo of the Gothic church is truly inspiring! I have studied art and architecture and love seeing impressive craftsmanship pieces like this being put to great use.
    Verdier Architects has impressive skills in sustainable architecture.

  • Karen Wilson

    Look at those Gothic arches on the side of the bench! I love architecture, one who has impressed me with their use of sustainable design is Verdier Architects