Vatican-Blogger Round-Up – UPDATES!

Bless Max Lindenman, who is still steering the ship while I’m kind of below decks throwing up. Hope to be back on my feet soon, as I must tape a couple of In the Arena’s tomorrow, and then, finally, come up from the poop deck on Friday!

I have so much to write about, but am not competent to the task, just yet, but I wanted to do a quick recon of the internet and find stuff for you about the Blogger Meet Up (and unload my camera, if I can find it). Here is a video from Rome Reports — featuring Rocco Palmo and Thomas Peters, who both looked very dapper, had good presences and could have been my sons — to start:

And a link to Ironic Catholic’s piece (which I hesitated to use for obvious reasons, but she has some good thoughts) and please check back; I will add more as I find it! Do check out the twitter feed for the event, which is full of good stuff, also!

Brandon Vogt has done a really terrific job at OSV’s Daily Take in reporting in continuous updates. He’s also a very sharp young fellow to keep an eye on, as is Fr. Roderick Vonhogen who made a lively, enthusiastic presentation chocked full of ideas about reaching the faithful (even when they do not know the faith or would not call themselves “the faithful”) through the cultural side-doors. Fr. Roderick’s site livestreamed the event, and even before he was done talking, a young seminarian from the United States tweeted to me, “he is giving me so much inspiration for my own ministry!”

That was a really nice tweet to get!

Sarah Pulliam Bailey for USA Today: Vatican: Go forth and blog

A collection of quotes by attendees


I love this title: Vatican Surprises Bloggers With Successful Meeting. I think both the bloggers and the Vatican organizers went into this meeting with such a determination to park expectations at the door and just see where it took us, that everyone came away feeling very positive.

Some talk on copywrites and fair use

The “Asian” contingent

Directly after the meeting, many participating bloggers headed to a nearby pub to continue the celebrations. I missed that. The next day, more bloggers and internet presences met at the Irish Scholars Pub and Canadian blogger Hillary White of Orwell’s picnic, who attended both, has the video. Good to see so much talking and networking going on!

UPDATE: AUDIOFILES! You can hear the whole thing!

Austen Ivereigh at America: Vatican bloggers’ meeting: mission and responsibility

Inside Catholic

UK Herald

Kat Fernandez, of Crescat (a charmer!) promises more!

Deacon Greg: The Church Whisperer


Anna Arco has an excellent, comprehensive and thoughtful write-up and muses about how to define the “blog” in terms of Catholic communication:

Fr Lombardi did allude to personal aspect of the blog when he began speaking. The personal side of a blog is both its strength and weakness in terms of the Church’s ability to harness the energy of the bloggers who write about their personal lives, their thoughts and their faith. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot became clearer as the result of the meeting. I think that it is probably impossible for the institutional communications structures of the Church to use the blog effectively— precisely because the official structures of the Church must by definition represent something, must by definition, be magisterial.

I must say, this is the puzzlement.

Meanwhile, ABC News has picked up the AP story, with some good pictures!

Someone saw this pic and asked why I was mad at my iPad?

I wasn’t mad. I was delighted with the whole endeavor. That’s just my face. Like my great-grandmother, whose chins and jowls I inherited, I just always look disapproving and annoyed, especially when I am concentrating.

I probably looked even worse when I wrote this on zero sleep!

My remarks, there

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