The Veep Goes Vile UPDATE

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Let it be noted that just about 40 days before America solemnly remembers the deadliest attack ever to take place upon its shores — an attack made by genuine terrorists, killers hiding in plain sight, un-uniformed and “blended” into our society — the American Vice-President (along with some co-politicos) has denounced his well-identified, not-hiding anything, policy-disagreeing opponents and fellow-countrymen as “terrorists”.

Look at that video.

Listen to those screams.

Remember the loss of life, not just in New York, but in Washington DC and in Pennsylvania, and in the Khobar Towers, Nairobi, aboard the USS Cole and elsewhere, for too many years.

And Vice-President Joe Biden, veteran legislator, onetime plagiarist, calls his fellow countrymen — mere political opposites — “terrorists.” His fellow-democrats who are also throwing the word around are miscreants, political opportunists or the most insensitive of idiots.

But Biden is the Veep. He’s supposed to be competent to fill the Office of the President in a moment of crisis. And he is comparing his countrymen to the sort of people we send Navy SEALS to kill.

Is he that vile, or just stupid?

Glenn Reynolds calls him a “sad, pathetic, hateful little man”.

Vile, too. Just vile.

Jonah Goldberg: “Go to Hell, now”: he wonders how the press would have reacted had Dick Cheney called stonewalling Congressional democrats “terrorists.” I’d had the same thought.

Oh, look, a cartoonist who think Navy SEALS should be used against tea partiers Outrage, anyone? Hello, mainstream media?

I’m going to Adoration. Lots to pray about. And yeah, I’ll pray for Biden, too. I can’t believe he went there. I think I’ll pray for all of us.

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