Now THIS is a slipper!

In our house, we have carpeting only in the family room and the kid’s bedrooms. And my husband favors berber carpeting, so the stuff is not a nice warm, thick pile.

The rest of the house is either tile or hardwood. Someday, we’re going to be able to afford renovating the 40 year old kitchen and master baths — and when we do, I’m demanding ambient heating in the floors.

But for now, I just have to deal, and sitting at a desk all day, with hardwood floors, one can get pretty chilly — and if the feet get cold, everything gets cold (in Traditional Chinese Medicine, they speak of “pernicious influences” like cold entering in this way, and your granny’s old “mustard foot baths” were meant to counteract the same notion).

So I have looked hard to find just the right sort of slipper — something warm, but with some body, something with a washable furry inside. Something just like this:

This “Juliet” slipper is sooooo toasty and comfy — a birthday gift from my MIL, and man am I ever appreciative. She is always looking for a warm, sturdy slipper herself (being Italian, their whole house is tile!) and this one hits the mark.

A little snug if you like to wear slippers with socks, but since I don’t, it fits like a dream.

A great Christmas gift for what promises to be a very cold, long winter!

And they make a Romeo, Romeo for the fellas, too!

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  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    I am always on the lookout for a good slipper in our many-rooms-with-hardwood-floors house too!

  • Jen

    Ooooohhh, I love slippers! Live in ‘em! This looks like a very yummy slipper. Good for you and your tootsies. :)

  • Manny

    We want to transition to all hardwood floors. Carpeting contains tons of dust and dirt and can be stressful to the respiration system. Maybe that’s an overstatement, but not by much. I’d rather deal with keeping my feet warm.

  • Debbie

    idk how you can take a poll where just about everyone says they want the whole blog to appear in their reader and then totally refuse to acknowledge it. Please, switch back ma’am.

    [Haven't refused to acknowledge it, Debbie, it just slipped my mind. Will attend to it tomorrow, thanks -admin]

  • megthered

    Thank you so much! I am always cold and my husband needed a christmas idea. This is just the thing. They look great.
    Also, I have a question. I want to get gifts for the family and I want to use the religious organizations you think are best. I love the homade things that are available from the nuns and other religious. I know how busy you are, maybe just tell me where to look on the internet. I do know I’m ordering Mystic Monk coffee. I’m a coffee junkie so I can’t wait.
    Thank you again.

    [Actually, I usually do a "let's go Christmas Shopping post, with lots of monastic goods, but time has been at a premium, lately. National Catholic Register has a terrific pdf on Christmas gift ideas from religious, here: and I can never recommend the Summit Dominican Nuns soaps and lotions. Their lotion is the BEST: I'm pretty sure if you google anchoress and christmas gifts or something, you'll find more. The monastery mustard, for instance, is pretty great! And the candy from Our Lady of the MIssissippi Abbey... -admin]

  • Mary

    Your feet — and fingers — are what get sacrificed first if you don’t have enough heat to keep all of you warm. Cold feet are indeed a bad sign — they show how things are trending.

  • Kira

    We have deep pile carpets throughout and all wear slippers to keep it clean and in good condition. I am always on the lookout for nice cozy slippers, especially at this time of year. My husband and kids all have sheepskin slippers to wear that keep their feet warm. None of wear socks with slippers so fur lined ones really help us get through our long winters.

  • Ed Nutter

    When my daughter and her family were moving from Smog Central to a small town in the Sierra foothills where my son-in-law would tele-commute to work, my wife and I were helping them load the rental van for the trip. Son-in-law would be transitioning from a 20 mile commute on SoCal freeways to a 20 foot commute to his home office. While loading a stack of boxes I accidentally dumped one, and two pairs of sturdy, plush, fleece lined slippers fell out. I picked them up admiringly, and son-in-law grinned “I needed a new set of work boots.”

  • Suburbanbanshee

    If you’re one of those people whose rear end gets cold, now’s the time of year to buy those warm seat cushions for hunters. (And camo goes with everything in the house, right?)

  • Mike Lyons

    We need to chip in here and get you a prayer rug for under your feet!!

  • Sarah kuvasz

    I have been wearing slippers like that for 45 years. Wonderful! The ones I have now were made in New Zealand. They will save you money in heating bills as they will absolutely keep your feet toasty, allowing a lower overall temperature.

  • William L. Harnist

    I have hardwood floors in my home office also. I purchased two small floormats to place under my desk. They work like a charm. I think I paid $2 each at Home Depot several years ago.