Welcome Simcha Fisher, Pants and All!

This is one of those announcements I have been waiting to make for a good long while, and I am very excited to know that today is the day!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to tell you that as of today Simcha Fisher (Somechop to her friends) will be joining the gang here at Patheos, and the gang could not be happier!

Yes, that photo says “don’t get all artsy about it, just take the picture” and it is precisely that sort of authenticity and impatience that makes me love reading Simcha Fisher.

This is, after all, the woman who wrote an innocent column about why she prefers wearing pants over skirts and caused a major meltdown in some areas of the Catholic blogosphere, so much so that it necessitated a follow up from which some people have never fully recovered.

Yes, she can be biting. Yes, a little snarky sometimes. But smart, insightful, honest, funny? Yeah, she’s all that, and when she indulges her inner art critic Simcha has a way of really thinking outside the box and teaching us a thing or two and helping us all to stretch our perspectives.

You can find her new Patheos parking spot right here. Where she is currently honking at you!

Do bookmark Simcha Fisher, this self-described “homeschooling failure, a drinker, a sorehead, a slob, a pedant, and, depending on who you ask, a prime example of what’s wrong with religious people, what’s wrong with the Church today, or what will continue to be wrong with the Church tomorrow unless we dooooooooooooo something.” and follow her on Twitter and on Facebook.

She is a very, very bad habit that you will want to cultivate as quickly as possible.

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  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Great pick up. She’s one of the best bloggers. I’ve always found it impressive how she can write as frequesntly as she does and always find a new perspective on every day subjects.

  • Victor

    Hey Anchoress! You will advise her to take sinner vic with a grain of salt now!

    I hear YA! Like Manny said on his blog, you’re “ONE”: of a kind Victor! :)
    For what “IT” is worth! WELCOME Simcha,

  • Elisabeth McDonald

    Simcha is self-deprecating but in a way that makes the reader (me) laugh at myself, and somehow that’s very encouraging! I feel a little sad that her bio describes herself in such a negative way. Her self-honesty is refreshing, especially compared to those who are obsessed with their own perfection and take themselves way too seriously, mistaking that for holiness. The kind of person whose hair (or mass veil) you just want to mess up a little. She’s a pleasure to read and I hope her readership grows and grows!

  • Steve

    Prefers wearing pants over skirts? I would think the skirt would get all bunched up, but maybe there are other advantages.
    I look forward to reading her work — a recommendation from the Anchoress is to be taken seriously,

  • Stefanie

    Hey I wear pants UNDER my skirts when I go to Mass…I call it my ‘pioneer gal’ style. It’s all about having pockets and not about purses.
    Seriously, though, thanks for bringing this worthy gal into the fold, Elizabeth. You are gathering a great group!

  • Peggy Bowes

    Steve, she means that she prefers wearing pants* instead of* skirts, not literally over them. (Unless you were just being ironic?)

  • KL

    This is a great day for Patheos! Simcha is one of the smartest, most level-headed Catholic bloggers out there, whom I regularly recommend to friends and family. Welcome, Simcha!