Egad, me on a plane, again…pray for me!

Egad, me on a plane, again…pray for me! June 18, 2013

The memory of Rome, and the illness that overtook me halfway across the Atlantic is still fresh in my mind and I’m frankly dreading getting on another airplane, but I’m off to Colorado to meet up with the Big Kahunae who invented Patheos and also to attend the Catholic Media Convention, along with the likes of Deacon Greg Kandra, Kathryn Lopez, Lisa Hendey, Dr. Matthew Bunson, the OSV Gang — the cool people who let me hang out with them, even against their better judgement. I understand Hendey is already there, soaking up the views!

Blogging will continue — I really didn’t have time to even consider a guest blogger. I’m sure I’ll post something every day, but I’ll probably be more likely to tweet stuff (@TheAnchoress). You can follow the Shenanigans on twitter at #CMC13 so check that out.

This afternoon aired a really delightful chat with the formidable Al Kresta of Kresta in the Afternoon (Ave Maria Radio). If you missed it, I’m not really sure when it will be archived, but here’s where you’d find it.

Thanks a lot to the folks at, who invited me to answer a few questions and didn’t make them too difficult. But shield your eyes when the page first opens.!

Also, I am kind of excited tonight and doing the whole Sally Field thing, again, because the great Jennifer Fulwiler likes it! She really likes it!. So…you know…squee. And plotz! Between all that and Simcha Fisher coming aboard, a happy, exciting, if busy day.

God willing, I will get to CO in one piece, and then get home again, as well. Please pray for me.

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