Prayers for Critically Injured Thomas Peters – Lungs seem better

Friends, please whisper up a prayer for Thomas Peters of Catholic Vote:

Thomas was involved in an accident yesterday evening and has sustained major injuries. He is awake, responsive, and in stable but critical condition. Family and friends are with him.

Pray for his family, too, including his father, Edward Peters, and Thomas’ wife.

The first time I met Thomas was in Rome in 2011 at the Vatican/Blogger meet-up, which is pictured above. I complimented him on looking so handsome in his white suit and he blushed and said, “it’s the only suit I own.” He was very sweet, and very self-effacing.

Prayer has power. Let us pray. I’ll keep you posted as more news comes down.

From Edward Peter’s Facebook page:

Thom can move his arms, docs are discussing the best treatment for his neck injury. Immediate concern is for the considerable water in his lungs. We are astounded at the expressions of prayers and support. Thom & Nat know about it. Please keep them up. Love from us all, EdP.

In his last update, Edward Peters notes that Thomas’ condition is still critical but “stable” and that his lungs seem better. His wife and family are with him and he is aware that people are praying for him.

Comments are moderated on this site,
so please know if the only way you can wish someone well is by adding a self-gratifying punch in his face — which a few have done — I’ll be deleting those comments, not because I care whether you expose yourself as spiteful and self-serving, but because they’ll just encourage responses that will take attention and energy away from where it is needed. For God’s sake, if you can’t do better than offer “good wishes” laced with a dose of malice (added only because your ego needs to add it) then perhaps its time to stop thinking about how “ugly” someone else is, and worry about how ugly your own heart has become, and the idol that ugliness serves. Take a hint: when a man is in critical condition, it’s not about you.

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  • Elisabeth McDonald

    I have a friend who also suffered this injury but just one vertebrae higher, and I know the potential future that can happen as a result…I pray God will bring restoration through the great medical care there at Shock Trauma in Baltimore. I can’t help but wonder if Thomas’ suffering is part of God’s call to him in order for the Church to progress in the spiritual battle in which it is engaged today.

    Elizabeth – I didn’t take the “I’m gay but I’m praying for him anyway” comments offensively – I appreciated that the authors were going above the culture war and seeing him as we all should see one another – as a human being in need of prayer. Maybe I’m not cynical enough to think that the real motive was to win sympathy to their own cause by claiming to pray for a man who is their political or religious enemy. I’d rather just take it at face value since I can’t really know… I understand your cackles getting up but I didn’t take it the way you did.

  • MeanLizzie

    Elisabeth, I don’t take the “I’m gay but praying for him anyway” as anything but generous. The comments I have deleted you can’t possibly judge b/c you’ve never seen them. They were deleted. :-)

    The reason they were deleted wasn’t because the writers said “I’m gay but praying for him any way.” Lots of comments above say the same thing, and — as I said — I think they’re generous and admirable. The ones I deleted said, “I wish him well but [...]” with various suggestions for how he should live the rest of his life or what a terrible person Peters has been up to now.

    There’s a time and a place to air grievances or to say that stuff; that time is not while the guy is in critical condition.

    I deleted the comments b/c they would have stolen attention from a man who needs prayers, and turned the conversation — and the energy — away from those prayers. They took a bad situation and made it all about them, not Peters. So they were deleted. As in 8 years of blogging I’ve deleted very few comments and banned very few commenters, why not give me the benefit of a doubt that these were justifiably deleted?

  • chrisinva

    Prayers and thanks for a wonderful man and his work.

  • Elisabeth McDonald

    Ah I see – I didn’t realize they were already deleted – DUH. I was thinking you were referring to the ones I saw, as you mentioned above. Double DUH. And so we have the same reaction, in the end, to the remaining comments. And I’m glad you deleted horrid, cruel stuff. Thank you, indeed.

    Very sad that the haters hate, even when a person is suffering.

    I don’t know how many you delete or don’t, but I feel sure I’d delete a lot more than you do if I had a blog. My delete button would be stuck. My pinkie would be trigger pinkie b/c of all the hitting of the enter button.

    On a better note, isn’t it great that Thomas seems to be getting better?

    Thanks for all you write and share.
    God bless

  • MeanLizzie

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