A Word a Day and Other Things from Anthony Esolen

As the air begins to turn a little chill at night, and the dew lies a little longer in the morning, let us celebrate Autumn’s near-arrival with the announcement of a new arrival here at our Catholic channel, where we debut The Word of the Day, operated by one of our favorite writers, thinkers and educators, Professor Anthony Esolen.

The impetus for the blog came from watching Esolen share his wonderful, often riotous, always entertaining lessons in grammar and English usage on his facebook thread, where he also invites people to ponder Top Ten “Gag” Lines from Silly TV Comedies, the Top Ten Loony Tunes Cartoons and other fun, totally time-wastey but necessary internet restoratives. After a few hours reading headlines or dealing with the crazy in social media, it is very needed.

Now, Esolen can post that stuff here and serve a much wider audience of folk who need synaptic refreshment, so bookmark you Word of the Day, here, or subscribe here

Of course, if you’re looking for heavier, weightier and more intellectually and spiritually edifying reads, Esolen will hopefully be linking to the important and relevant articles he writes for several publications (like this one on respecting conscience, currently featured at Crisis) so we don’t miss anything.

Welcome Dr. Esolen; welcome Tony. It’s a thrill and a pleasure to have you aboard. There’s a word for that…ummm…gratified…ratified…radiated…no, it’s gone.

You see how we need you?

In the beginning was the Word. Without the word, what do we know?

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