Kid President Innocently Echos Benedict XVI

This is just unbelievably adorable, but it’s also so very wise:

“We’re really glad you’re here.” It reminds me so much of Pope Benedict’s exhortation that people need to hear “it is good that you exist!”

It’s an enthusiastic message of love, mercy, forgiveness. It’s just great. And I love how self-possessed this kid is. And corndogs rule!

“Just treat everybody like it’s their birthday. Even if they don’t deserve it sometimes. Because we all mess up sometimes. The biggest mess up? Not forgiving each other’s mess ups.”

“Some days gross things will happen. Some days awesome things will happen. Some days you’ll get ice cream. Some days you won’t.”

“Being a person is hard sometimes. You should give people high-fives just for getting out of bed.”

“You, you’re awesome. You’re made that way. You’re made from love to be love to spread love. Love is always louder, no matter what. Even if hate has a bullhorn.”

Go, Kid President!

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