Seinfeld’s stuff seems antithesis of racism to me

So, apparently a couple of days ago CBS This Morning asked Jerry Seinfeld why his web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” features so many white men, and Seinfeld replied that race, gender, all of that is irrelevant to him, “Funny is the world that I live in. You’re funny, I’m interested. You’re not funny, I’m not interested.”

For the record, in the only episode I’ve seen, Tina Fey was the guest, so no rampant “white male-ing” was going on there, (whew!) but apparently the race-and-gender-obsessed people of the world — who fixate on these issues incessantly and then call everyone else racists, or misogynists or whatever other “ist” they can shout to get attention — are counting and categorizing every public utterance, and God help you if you’re not counting along.

Someone at Gawker, hearing Seinfeld’s reply, had a case of the pc vapors and rode them as far along the “let-me-find-a-victim-so-I-can-call-you-a-name-and-get-noticed” trail as possible.

“He seems to suggest that any comedian who is not a white male is also not funny.”

The twisting, hissing “seeeeeems to suggest” is almost Soviet in its willfully malevolent attempt to make a charge of incorrect thought.

Seinfeld suggests nothing of the sort.

In fact what he “seems to suggest” is that the issue of race, gender, sexual orientation or creed is utterly uninteresting to him. He just wants to laugh.

One might say Seinfeld judges a person not by the color of his skin, or the character of her chromosomes, but by the content of their comicality.

Makes sense. If you want to laugh, you look for funny. Or perhaps that’s too obvious, too reasonable and too sane, anymore. Perhaps now a comedian doesn’t actually have to be funny, as long as they accommodate a niche, and fill a slot, so appropriate quotas and units have been met and the curiously bureaucratic modern mind can rest easy.

It’s the same sort of mind that seems all-too-content to convert people into countable, containable units in terms of healthcare.

Ah well, we’ve been trending this way, all along. I recall The Mod Squad, that ground-breaking 1960′s tv series about three undercover cops, “one black, one white, one blonde”. Categories covered, units filled, accounts of actual human persons secondary.

Also, sweet, sweet demographics!

Nowadays, I suppose, some people would be screaming
about hierarchy — “why doesn’t it say ‘one blonde’, first? Why does there even have to be men? Why isn’t one of them gay? Where is the Asian?”

Somehow, Hispanics always get left out. Hispanics are like the forgotten category, until mid-term elections come up and suddenly there are large-scale Cinco di Mayo parades and La Raza flags everywhere, taunting the Tea Party into screaming, hysterical meltdowns guaranteed to keep voters far away. Post-election, the Hispanics always seem to get shoved aside.

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  • Augustine

    I find it preposterous that I’m asked about my race, as if there were any person who didn’t belong to the human race. So, I always choose the option to decline to offer such information. Only this week I was offered a federal government form without the possibility to decline, but it did offer the option to identify myself of an unknown race and with unknown eye and hair colors. Form was perfunctorily rubber stamped and I didn’t get any official cattle-tag for my ear.

  • oregon nurse

    I actually think he might be saying what passes for black comedy today IS unfunny. Bill Cosby it’s not.

  • vox borealis

    Hispanics always get left out. Hispanics are like the forgotten category, until mid-term elections come up…

    And let’s not leave off that often forgotten race “white Hispanic,” which shows up only when narrative is threatene!

    Good stuff.

  • Augustine

    Indeed, cursing every other word is totally unfunny.

  • Leticia Adams

    The last paragraph couldn’t be any more true. We (Hispanics) are used for our votes and then thrown aside. It’s us and Our Lady of Guadalupe posters at election time.

  • James Milliken

    Not a big Seinfeld fan, but I’ve got to give him the thumbs up here. There are too many people looking to reduce their fellow human beings to categories. There are lots of strange gods being worshiped today, and identity politics is one of the strangest.

    James Milliken

  • nannon31

    Apropo is this link from his early series:

  • holy smoke

    What’s the problem with Jerry’s “diversity”? He had Mario Joyner on his 3rd episode, Sarah Silverman and Chris Rock in season 2, if someone’s keeping tabs. I like that he bleeps out any four-letter expletives some of his comedic pals blurt out from force of habit.