Heading to Holy Land: May I Take Your Intentions WIth Me?

Early next week I will be heading to the Holy Land as part of a team of Catholic journalists who will be touring most of Christendom’s holiest sites, and also encountering the Holy Father during his time in Jerusalem.

You regular readers know I do not travel well, so please pray for me, particularly that I might survive that long, tightly-packed-in flight without stroking out, getting deep vein thrombosis or whatever.

Please pray for Pope Francis, too, whose itinerary is public, and who appears to be determined to demonstrate trust in the Lord in ways that scream for prayer.

And, speaking of prayer, may I take your intentions with me? As I have in the past, when visiting Rome, I’m posting this a few days before my trip in order to give people time to leave their prayer needs in the combox. I will print them out, and take them in prayer to all of the holy sites, and I’ll keep all of your intentions with me as we walk the Via Dolorosa.

As ever, be discreet.
You needn’t put your business out there. “For my intentions” or something similar will do, although if you want to give first names, too, that’s fine.

Seriously, please pray for me. My last trip overseas was an e-coli nightmare.

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