caption contest…

caption contest… June 18, 2009

The Three Pathological Virtues: Face, Mope, and Severity!

Winning caption submitted by Tim, author of the never updated blog.

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  • Sisters Irina of The Holy Face, Agrafena of he Holy Wounds and Akilina of the Holy Vigils tried to restraint when the invited celebrant slipped in his ballet shoes.

  • Tim

    The Three Pathological Virtues: Face, Mope, and Severity!

  • Tim…THAT is PERFECT!

  • Anonymous

    The Good,the Bad and the Ugly.

  • JBB

    Destined to be dropped after it's pilot program, the shortlived Iranian TV version of the three stooges featured actresses playing "Scary, Burly and Flo."

  • Tim

    Members of an ultra-orthodox splinter faction of St. Cyril's Prayer Group, affectionately referred to as 'The Enforcers'.

  • Nun on the far left: Who farted?

  • Anonymous

    What…you can't stand through a piddly little 2-hour Liturgy?! Our knees haven't bent in over 40 years–not even to go to the bathroom!

  • Little known fact: the sisters of the Three Stooges converted to Orthodoxy and became nuns.

  • Anonymous

    The Homily wasn't THAT bad, was it?

  • Oh crap, it's Fr. Glinda – the good witch from Shrewsbury!

  • Congrats Tim!

  • Simon Crowell introduces the three finalists for "Orthodoxs Got Talent" – the category being The Joy of Knowing What's Right from Wrong.