stick a fork in me, I’m done…

… or was it, “This side’s done, turn me over and have a bite!”

Either way, he gladly and willingly submitted his life for the Lord under severe tortures. For that alone we can humbly pray: Almighty God, who didst give unto Blessed Lawrence power to be more than conqueror in his fiery torment; grant unto us, we beseech thee, the power to quench the flames of our sinful lusts. Through Jesus Christ, Amen. [Breviary]

St. Lawrence, Francisco De Zurbaran

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  • I suffer from heat sickness, and invoke and thank St. Lawrence whenever I manage a day without getting really sick.

  • I like almost all of de Zurbaran's stuff, haven't seen this one before… that's a killer dalmatic he's got on, looks like it weighs a hunnert pounds… and is that a maniple on his left forearm? Why would a deacon wear a maniple?He sure knew how to insult his torturers w/ ironic "gallows" humor, though. One tough hombre.

  • dmw

    The martyrology entry may be translated: The blessed Lawrence, being roasted while stretched out on the gridiron, said to the most wicked tyrant, "The roasting is done! Turn over and eat, for the goods of the Church, which you desire, have been borne aloft to the heavenly treasuries by the hands of the poor!"

  • The Catholic Encyclopedia says: "The maniple is worn by the subdeacon, deacon, priest, and bishop, but not by those who have only received minor orders. For the subdeacon the maniple is the liturgical sign of his rank, and at ordination is placed on his left arm by the bishop himself."