that settles it…

… Now that we have the new mass translation is effect we, as Catholics, will have nothing else to bicker about. We are going to live happily ever after. One big happy family, forever and ever. Amen. And with your spirit. Or something like that, to paraphrase Lino Rulli. Like I’ve asked in the past, is there nothing we won’t fight about?

Wait, what?

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  • ES

    Hmmm. Oddly, that’ s the exact text Lino Rulli used on his FB post.
    ————–Now that the Mass translations are in effect, there will be nothing for Catholics to bicker about. Ever. We will all be getting along together forever. And with your spirit.————

    • I knew I read this somewhere, or some similar sentiment, but couldn’t remember from whom. It happens when you get inundated with internet information. I was paraphrasing, btw.