more genuine Christmas music…

… I say ‘genuine’ since not all music labeled Christmas Music and played this time of year has necessarily anything to do with Christmas. Interestingly too, most typical Christmas Music is played during the season of Advent and immediately stops the day after Christmas, when the rest of us are just beginning the Christmas season. So really it’s more Winter Music about snow and presents and flying reindeer.

Oh, I’m not one of those people; the anti-Santa crowd who demand everyone say “Merry Christmas” and think “Xmas” is a liberal plot to stamp Christ out of Christmas. I’m more anti-insipid music, which most generic holiday music is. There’s just so many sweeter sounds to drip in your ears, why fill your head with inane jingles?

One such sweet sound is the new CD released by the Saint Vincent Camerata Scholars, A Blessed Day Has Dawned, now available on iTunes.

Fr. Stephen Concordia writes, “The Palestrina Mass is at the center of the CD, but other styles are also present. We wanted to fill in the other Mass parts in Gregorian chant: the Introit (entrance), the Alleluia, the Gospel of the day, and the Communion antiphon. This evokes what a Renaissance Mass might have sounded like, with some parts sung in polyphony, and others chanted”.

The result is sublime.

A fine gift idea for the music lover. hint hint, wink wink.
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  • Katie O’Keefe

    One of my favorite Christmas albums is “The Bells of Dublin” by the Chieftains. There are a couple of songs on there that are “meh”, but there are some real gems, too. I also like “M.A. Charpentier: Messe pour Minuit/Te Deum” by The King’s College Chorus, Cambridge and any of the Boston Camerata’s excellent Christmas Albums. There’s also the Waverly Consort, “A Medieval Christmas” You can find all of them on Spotify.

  • tj.nelson

    I was in a punk little gift store last nite looking for funny Christmas cards and they were playing a mix of Motown Christmas with contemporary singers like Michael Buble. I loved it.

  • I tend to agree. My absolute favorite Christmas music is from a CD I bought, at my parish actually, back when they still had this amazing men’s schola. It included songs like “The Boar’s Head Carol.” Mmm, hot toddy music.

    Basically, any Christmas music that features “vocal runs” I find insipid.