St. Lucy…

… I’m wondering how gruesome I should get with the class project at my son’s public school. This week they are learning how different cultures celebrate Christmas. Surprisingly, they’ve also included St. Nicholas Day and Las Posadas. I was volunteered to organize the St. Lucy’s Day craft. Here is what they recommend… a little bland for my taste. I’m thinking cakes that look like eyeballs, lots of candles and fire, and a nice heart warming story about martyrdom and preserving virginity.

That’s what happens when you invite a papist to the party.

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  • Dr. Eric

    My wife still refuses to make eyeball-shaped cookies for St. Lucy’s Day.

    • Wendy B.

      But they are so good! Peanut butter covered with white chocolate – heavenly.

      Maybe if she thought of them as candy truffles like you find in the gold ballotins…

      • rhythmic_diminution

        The best pastries come on Dec. 4th , St. Barbara’s Feast Day.

  • What kind of stupid hat was that (in the link)? On St. Lucy’s day girls are supposed to wear a wreath on their heads with lighted candles while they serve their elders coffee and buns. Kids are natural little pyromaniacs — they’d love it.

    • I saw that hat too and thought, no flipping way!

    • Wendy B.

      The hat shown is for boys only. The boys who attend the Lucy-bride or Lucia (she who wears the wreath with candles) are called star-boys. They wear the hat and carry wands or staffs topped with stars.

      The girl attendants of the Lucia wear white gowns with silver tinsel sashes and tinsel wreaths.

      The Lucia wears the white gown with a red sash and the wreath with candles.


    Y’all are missing the point of the Crayola St. Lucia Hat (TM) – you’re supposed to poke holes in it and set a burning candle atop the girl’s head with the hat over it… you know, so that the light shines through the holes – its fun and harmless!

  • Timothy Canny

    Have you signed up for St. Agatha’s Day?

  • Michael

    I think the candles should be Roman, as in Roman Candles. Are they going to celebrate Barbara & Catherine of Alexandria? A BBQ for Lawrence? (The possibilites are endless…)

  • pacifica_00775

    Last year I made a version of St Lucia Braided Bread originally from Instead of making the bread (because really who has that kind of time?) I substituted Pillsbury Cinnamon Twists. SUPER easy and there was no way I could go wrong with premade bread. Let me know if you want the recipe. Oh, and it is topped with plenty of fire!

  • Anonymous

    My granddaughter is named Lucy and I want to make some Lucia buns for her, but they require saffron. Have you seen how much that costs!!!!!

  • Christian LeBlanc

    My 6th graders go for the gross. Or at least the vivid.

  • Rfrendz

    I don’t know about lit candles on anyone’s head. We don’t want to see a repeat of Michael Jackson’s hair on fire. The biscotti eyeballs on a plate sounds like fun. The girl could wear a wreath with small cake candles with whispy fabric on the tips to simulate flames.