This is nothing like FarmVille. I feel deeply deceived…

$105 – soil, compost, manure, vermiculite, pete moss – 2 bags each
$20 – seeds and vegetable starts, one flat of broccoli
$19 – 3 beams of wood, nails, brackets for raised bed construction
$13.75 – increase in water bill for the month watering garden
Total $157.75

Labor – 5 hours on first day constructing bed, laying soil, sowing seeds and planting starts. Daily labor 30-45 minutes every morning watering, looking for weeds and bugs and nodding my head “Yup” satisfyingly.

Edible food produced over the course of a month = zero.

I clearly lack the patience for farming. Calculating the cost I’ve already spent, this amount would have fed my son and & I for a month or bought 14 boxes of wine!

I thought growing your own was supposed to help reduce the cost of groceries. Maybe I should be growing a vineyard instead or distilling moonshine. The ABC Store doesn’t let you run a tab, you know.

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