Feel Good Friday…

…. I’m not speaking to Nathan Fillion anymore. He has been replaced by ‘Feel Good Friday’, a warm and fuzzy feature of good news and much needed respite from my typical snark and cynicism. It was either this or start smoking again.

First Grader Born With No Hands Wins Penmanship Award

After accepting the award, Annie demonstrated for the audience how she writes, gripping the pencil steadily between her forearms to perfect the letters and capitalization.

“She is a studious and contentious student who really strives for perfection,” her teacher Laura Erb said. “She is very determined to get it right. When she does any kind of writing, she wants to make sure that it’s clear and concise and she really takes pride in her work.”

Annie’s siblings, classmates, teachers and family couldn’t be happier for her. The determined seven-year-old is stopping here. She has big dreams of becoming an author, according to her teacher.

And my son screams like a Templar at the stake when he has writing assignments. Parents, feel free to use this to make your thankless little bastards feel shame at their ingratitude and laziness.

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  • “screams like a Templar at the stake”. I love it. I’ve got to add that one to my  repertoire

  • Markofhumility

    Glad I didn’t have a mouthfull of tea, or it would be all over my computer by now.
    Thanks for leaving the snark out of it ; )
    I will indeed show this to my less than enthusiastic writers : )

  • upinak

    “Parents, feel free to use this to make your thankless little bastards feel shame at their ingratitude and laziness.”

    I think I will use this for the whiny kids at college.  Thanks!

  • Carlsondianna

    You crack me up! And I will also be sharing this with my two reluctant writers– they have no excuse for their horrible penmanship.

  • Sherry

    Hanging own head in shame, my penmanship rots.

  • dymphna

    It won’t work. I distintcly remember my mother telling me that children in Africa were starving and that I should be grateful that I had spinach. I replied, that she should ship the spinanch to the Africans via UPS and leave me alone.  No, she did slap me out of my chair.

  • pablo

    First the handicaps get all the good parking, and buildings designed for them, and special Government Funding, and now the little moochers are moving in on School Awards.

    Penmanship means putting a pen in your HANDS and writing with it.

    Think of all the kids that worked real hard to learn how to wrap their little fingers around a pen just right, to print legibly with hand, eye, and finger coordination, then along comes a kid with no hands, and wham!

    Traumatized for life.


  • Lydiamcgrew

    “contentious student” I’m taking bets here. Was it the teacher who didn’t know that “contentious” doesn’t mean “conscientious” or was it the news reporter who didn’t know how to spell “conscientious”? Or possibly an editor who “corrected” it and made it incorrect?