The movie Hollywood wouldn’t make…

… This Friday For Greater Glory will be hitting theaters.

Andy Garcia talks a bit about his role as General Enrique Gorostieta and the timely relevance of this historical drama based on the Cristeros War. Could this happen here? Absolutely.

“It’s a completely independent film,” Garcia told “It is being distributed independently and it’s being financed independently.”

And it is the true story of men and women—and children–who lived 90 years ago in Mexico and whose struggle for liberty could echo powerfully in the United States today.
Some of the heroes in For Greater Glory are Mexicans who in real life were literally martyred for their faith—and who have since been beatified by the church. Among these is Bl. Jose Sanchez Del Rio, a teenage boy, who joined the pro-Catholic guerilla forces ironically led by the skeptical and mercenary general whom Garcia depicts in the movie. [read more]

I know my son is particularly excited about this movie but with the R rating I don’t think he’ll be seeing it any time soon despite how much he admires Bl. Jose.

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  • Thomas Rhys

    I want to see it, but I have heard it’s pretty violent. So you’re likely making a good call.

    I’m not sure what I’ll do. I mean I’m 35, but I’m a little squeamish about some violence. I might weight to hear from people who saw it. 

    • Ron Macnaughton

      WEIGHT ??  Tsk Tsk!

      • Thomas Rhys

        Ugh, I make the stupidest errors sometimes. Thanks, I’ve corrected it.

  • Iris Celeste

    I cry at the trailer; so I know I won’t be able to watch it, but I left a message with the youth group leader at my church that I would pay for the High School group to go (up to a $150 limit) if they wanted to this weekend.  Can I really afford it? Not really, must save elsewhere, but if they take me up on it, I figure it is God’s will and he will provide…

  • My daughter’s Challenge Club made a video about Jose Luis several years ago.  They were all young girls then and are all older teens now and they are talking about going to see For Greater Glory together after watching the video they made.  🙂

  • Cmayerle

    Our 15 year old went with her convent. They loved it and said that the R rating was overblown. This is a very orthodox order.

    • Thomas Rhys

       I might go see it if it comes my way then.

  • Modern Comments

    Going to see it, absolutely.

  • MTherese

    My practicing Catholic family went to see For Greater Glory tonight. My husband, myself….and my 8 and 9 year old boys.  I never let them watch PG anything, and am extremely protective about what I allow them to watch on tv, what songs they can listen to, no video games….but I researched this movie and it was rated R for violence, no curses, no nudity, no love scenes. I figured the violence in this case showed  the  importance of the message.  Even though we went with the intention that we might say “cover your eyes”, or even “we’re leaving”.  Of course you have to know what your own kids can handle. This was the first year I thought they were ready to see Passion of the Christ, my 9 year old chose to look away at times, and he did tonight too.  The 8 year old was fine for both movies. It lead to a wonderful discussion tonight with all of us afterward, and I believe the beginning of a devotion to Blessed Jose Luis for my sons especially. I wasn’t positive I was making the right decision, but after seeing it ( and we hardly ever go to movies,  NEVER EVER to rated PG or R) I believe it was the right decision for us.  God bless. Viva Cristo Rey!