Commemorating the grit of priests and D Day with manly photos

… I contend there is no other religion more manly and burly and punk rock than Catholicism. I know Google forgot, but today is D Day. Eh, they’re a bunch of commies anyway. To honor the occasion and the grit that makes up Catholic priests I offer you these images to consider.

Fr. Francis L. Sampson blesses the dead

Fr. Sampson of Sioux Falls, S.D., gives absolution to American paratroopers killed in action, in Saint Marie Dumont, France, U.S. Army Photo, 7 June 1944 (Note that bodies are wrapped in parachutes)

Read the bio of Fr. Sampson here.

Photographed by Frank Scherschel - Priest administering Last Rites and the Eucharist to a soldier in France

photographed by Frank Scherschel- A priest says mass in the dappled sunlight of France

Source – Before and After D Day – Rare Color Photos. See all 26.

I love our priests.

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  • Thomas Rhys

    Google did honor Blessed Nicolas Steno though. Granted I think that might be because they didn’t know anything about him except “geologist.”

  • Sharon

    You can’t give absolution to the dead.  You can pray for the repose of the souls of the dead.