Why Does Obama Heart Planned Parenthood So Much…

… Why is our current POTUS so focused on women’s reproduction, almost to the point of obsession? It would seem, in fact, that the whole Democratic party is sex obsessed, basing their political platform entirely on the imagined “rights” of abortion and free birth control.

On July 3rd the state of NC voted to redirect $343K of government funding from Planned Parenthood to much more deserving county health departments. It was a year long battle and the “second time legislature overrode Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of a budget de-funding Planned Parenthood.” [source]

But the celebration was premature. Turns out, Obama cares not for the will of the state. His administration “usurped the will of the North Carolina legislature by awarding $426K in federal grants directly to Planned Parenthood affiliates in the state” [source]. This is the third time this month he’s taken it upon himself to override state legislature’s plans de-fund Planned Parenthood.

So why? Why does Obama and his cronies heart PP so much? Why is it so important for this administration to control – through our tax money and government funding – women’s reproduction? Yay! Free Malthusian Belts for all!

I sincerely do not understand this deep seated goal of theirs to warp sexual activity for recreational use only and remove from it all consequences- even the romantic and emotional ones. It’s a truly odd way to control people.

It’s this president’s one defining act; to provide free birth control, sterilization,and abortion to the masses. Obama likens us to a nation of stray cats in heat that need to be neutered. And why aren’t more people outraged at his belligerent determination to put this one issue above all others? Instead of working on the every growing – daily growing – beast of a national debt he chooses to focus on reproductive issues. Reproductive issues disguised as health care reform. Eugenics disguised “preventative care”. It boggles the mind.

I’m all for helping people with outrageous medical costs and making prescription medications more affordable but that’s not what he’s doing. Instead of insulin and life saving heart medications that the elderly rely on he’s pushing condoms and pills on people. Because why? Of all things, why free birth control? Because babies are icky, nasty little brutes?

I cannot grasp why the leader of the free world is allowing himself to be in the pocket of Planned Parenthood. This one organization holds such powerful control over his administration. Why? What is really going on here?

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  • Sacredcrocheter

    I wonder the same thing myself Kat but you know what they do in any high level criminal investigation-”follow the money”.  If he’s giving them that kind of massive, highly visible support -what is he getting in return. Must be something pretty significant.

    • kenneth

      He gets what any politician gets from loyal ideological supporters: votes and money. Why is it surprising that any politician panders to their culture war supporters?

  • Michael

    Maybe he’s pissed at Michelle for having kids. I’d like to ask him which of his girls he would have had aborted.

    • Sacredcrocheter

      Probably both plus the dog.

  • drea916

    Michelle, I think your man is cheating on you with Ms. Richards. Those two have GOT to be sleeping together.

  • Kjg

    You can cut off a fair amount of social ills early with birth control – the more children a poor woman has, the harder it is to scrape by every month and the more public assistance she ends up drawing.  I love children, but it’s a simple fact that they’re expensive. Trying to teach people greater sexual responsibility feels like trying to empty the ocean with a dixie cup, so birth control is just a more pragmatic approach. Maybe I’m a big cynic.

    I consider birth control and abortion to be two completely separate issues, though.

    • Angela M.

      Using birth control makes it easier to consider abortion if the birth control fails. After all – the baby is already unwanted – that’s why you are using birth control! Abortion and BC go hand in hand.

    • sacredrocheter

      Did you really just say “I love children but it’s a simple fact that they’re expensive”? Are you seriously justifying the killing of babies in the womb based on money? EVERY LIVING PERSON on this earth was once a baby in the womb-which of us do you think should NOT have been allowed to live based on our mother’s financial status? Maybe there’s a job for you in the Obama administration deciding who can afford to be born and who should die.
      There are other options-like adoption or increasing support for low income mothers by reducing the vast horrific waste of tax dollars that goes on in congress.
      I’m sorry to say this but maybe your compassion should be measured with that Dixie cup you’re so busy judging others with.

  • guest

    The answer is: Population
    Don’t you know: the earth is all important, not people!

  • mykhel

    Come on.  You know the answer as to why.  He is trying to create yet another artificial division to count among his constituents:  M vs F; regressive vs progressive, oppressors vs liberators.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorddraco3 Justin Greenhill

    Obama isn’t trying to control anything by allowing options. It’s the religious right who is trying to control our sex lives by DENYING the OPTIONS of birth control and abortion.

    Allowing abortion doesn’t mean it’s going to become a common practice of birth control. Making birth control easier to obtain is a big step in reducing the number of unwanted and teen pregnancies, which are certainly BAD THINGS. It will also help reduce abortions of unwanted pregnancies… so how can you hate abortion and also hate BC?

    What about those of us who don’t want children? Are you saying we have to be celebate for life? Pull your head out of your ass.