In case you were dying to know how the LCWR went…

… It was a smash hit.

Photo source: “Barbara Marx Hubbard smiled as women religious welcomed her to the stage with a dance.”

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  • Erika Drain

    I just have one word: barf!

  • Neal Meyer

    Galatians 1:8
    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.

  • Stephanie

    This must be the new generation…the younger, more vibrant members. Good to know.

  • Nissa

    And the sanctuary filled with… um… liturgical dancers?

  • Ellyn

    Catalog that sell all those big chiffon scarves and other billowy dance paraphernalia come across my desk from time to time (and I work in a Church, not a dance studio). This answers my usual question, “Does anyone really buy this stuff”

  • nunster

    am I mistaken, she looks like a Dr. Seuss charactar? The Gringe when he is planning some evil…

  • Christian LeBlanc

    I’m frightened, Aunt Em!

  • nbwooden

    Two words to the LCWR & Babs Hubbard… YOU”RE FIRED!!!!
    Honestly, why can’t they be excommunicated? They have a different way of thinking and it’s NOT in accordance to the Catholic Church.

    • Miss Doyle

      Hubbard isn’t a Catholic, so don’t stress.

  • Christine Hebert


  • Ron

    And I thought the Anglicans had problems!!

  • sacredrocheter

    Looks like a seniors’ tribute to “Hair”. “Krishna Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Dali Llama….”-I can almost hear the music.

  • tj.nelson

    Very seriously – this is their answer to liturgical reform – this is the way they want liturgy to be done – it is Gnosticism.

  • Tim in Cleveland

    This is sad. I like old people: they grant us wisdom, even when they are spouting non-sense. We’ve all learned a lot from the LCWR, even if it’s not what the sisters intended. Regardless of their views, it’s always sad to witness a conclusion.

  • Noe

    In the best Hank Hill impression I can muster – “Oh God!…”