Meet Team Maddy…

… Team Maddy; a father/daughter duo that participates in triathlons. Rick Van Beek competes by pulling his thirteen year old daughter, Maddy, in a boat while he’s swimming, in a cart while biking, and pushes her in a stroller while running. Maddy has cerebral palsy, so she acts as her father’s motivation while Rick is her arms and legs. He says he couldn’t complete the triathlons without her help.

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  • lethargic

    The Hoyts have been doing this for decades. I actually saw them in a couple of Ironman races that my hubby was in, back when he could walk without a cane. Family unity that I can only envy …

  • LovinLife

    This so beautiful. I Usually ride in the Rockies for children’s Hospital, and seeing parents with their children that cannot do much on their own, and their parents riding with them on the mountains, It truly touches one’s heart.