“Some of you will be become priests”…

… I can tell my son about the importance of prayer and lead by example all day long but my words and actions will never have the same deeply profound impact as it would coming from his father. The reality is his father was rabidly anti-Catholic and hasn’t been around in eight years. It’s been a hidden suspicion of mine that he’ll view practicing his faith as womanly, since I’m his only example. And I can be a poor one at times. St. Monica I am not.

I am always immensely grateful when the values I try to impart on my son are echoed by solid male role models, like my parish priest. This week, during altar server training, Father told the gathered group of young men the importance of having proper posture when they serve. He said posture was a good skill to master now because it will aid them later when they become priests. And he emphasized, “Yes, some of you will become priests”*. And a seed was planted. I can hint and suggest and even pray for my son to become a priest but it will always be perceived as something I want for him and not something he wants for himself. But thanks to Father, the idea of the priesthood was reinforced by someone other than his plain ole mom.

Even the seminarian, who helps train the boys, made a point to remind them how necessary it is to establish a daily routine of prayer, starting from the moment they wake up. Basically, all stuff I’ve been saying for years that’s fallen on young deaf ears. One can hope this advice will sink in coming from someone else.

Thanks be to God for good, holy men.

Painting by José Benlliure y Gil, Altar Boys C. 1871

*Vocations are born at the foot of the altar. Imagine how less profound the impact of this statement would have been if we had altar girls; which, thankfully we do not. Not too mention a bit odd and confusing.

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