Big Fat Halloween Post…

… Children. Those greedy little one percent-ers.

Speaking of redistributing candy wealth; my son is having none of that.

Did you know you’re never too old for candy. Or Halloween. Or just being obnoxious.

A huge part of why I took to Catholicism like a fish to water was that Papists love to party. We have a feast almost daily, and if you’re bi-ritual or pre-Vatican II you’ll have multiple calendars to induce ecclesiastical schizophrenia. Catholics also have an amazing knack of taking regional traditions and making them their own; just ask those ungrateful pagans. Read more

My favorite post extolling the virtues of candy.

“Ooooo. I will feed your kids high fructose corn syrup and red dye #5 when you aren’t looking.”

Spooky. Absolutely horrifying.

Happy Halloween, y’all. Or as it’s called in my house – Candy For Dinner Night! Diabetes, ho!

Let the emotional scarring begin.

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Now here is a warm and fuzzy picture of some really cute kids, none of which are mine. Mine is going as a demon jester with a skull for a face because, you know, according to my fanatical evangelical neighbors who live in the compound next door, all Catholics are idol worshiping spawns of the Whore of Babylon.

Image source. Bonus points, the tonsured baby monk.

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